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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022


Do you know exactly where you are?

In some incidences the answer to this question can be life-saving.

Some years ago I was walking in Pitmedden Forest with my two dogs. It was a lovely bright Sunday afternoon in autumn, so I drove up to the forest, parked my car safely off the path, and off we went. We walked for probably two hours, and as the light was failing slightly, started to go back to the car. But where was the car? Which direction? Surely the dogs would know, so I followed their lead. To no avail, we were walking round in circles and it was starting to get dark. I had my mobile but how could I explain where I was? No landmarks, only trees. Eventually I found a cottage and a kind lady helped me find my car. I was never so thankful to see it!

This is when it helps to know exactly “where you are” and this is when the app - what3words - is invaluable. What3words is a free app which can pinpoint your position to within 10 feet. It divides the world up into 3m x 3m squares and gives each square a random three word address e.g. solved.reason.truck. Given this address the emergency services can instantly locate your position and send the appropriate help; saving time and sometimes lives.

The app works on many devices including smart watches.

Use it to find the 3 word address for your current location or enter a 3 word address (your home address) and use Compass Mode to navigate there. No excuse for getting lost now?

Hope this is helpful.

Maureen Nisbet