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Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


A cocky is a New Zealand farmer

Here’s a cocky’s complaint worth recording for our agricultural economists who are always telling us that things have improved for man on the land.

It all started back in ‘67 when they changed to dollars and overnight my overdraft doubled.

I was just getting used to this when they brought in kilograms or something and the wool clip dropped in half

Then they started playin’ around with the weather and brought in Celsius and we haven’t had decent sunny day since.

This wasn’t enough, they had to change us over to hectares and I end up with less than half the farm I had.

So one day I sat down and had a think. I reckoned that with daylight saving I was working 8 days a week, so I decided to sell the farm.

But to cap it off, I had only just got the place in the agents’ hands and they changed over to kilometres and I find that I’m too flaming far out of town anyway!