Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


In August of 2011, after a seven-year absence, I trav- elled from Toronto, Canada to Scotland once again to visit with my sister, Enid, who has lived in Abernethy since 2002. Each visit with Enid seems to provide a theme of sorts, and last year was no exception as we made our plans to take in the Edinburgh Festival, the Perth Open Studios, the Braemar Gathering, a play at the Pitlochry Theatre and Gaberlunzie at the Village Hall. Our theme became “The Arts” and we certainly immersed ourselves.

My experience at the Burns Club's presentation in the Williamson Hall on September 2 differs somewhat from the account which I read in a back issue of this publication. Clearly, we were seated at the wrong table! Nevertheless, it was so very entertaining, and so very different from anything that I might experience back in Canada, the evening became a highlight of my visit. My belated thanks to the organisers of that fun and memorable event.

Because I am from a big city, staying in Abernethy is a great privilege, not just for the decided pleasure of being with my sister once again, but also for the quiet, serene environment, so close to 'nature'. Seven years ago, in Abernethy with my husband, I managed a climb up the Law as well as up the tower. We had a good hour or more at the museum learning some of the local history, and took several walks through the glen. This time, being on my own, it became my habit to go for a stroll almost every evening. Even after a full day 'out and about', off I would go after a light meal, camera in hand, and savour the fresh air and peacefulness. I passed dog walkers, youths and sometimes families on bikes, a few curious horses in a field, and a few other solitary walkers like myself, but mostly I was alone with the interesting houses, the moss-covered walls, the pretty gardens or the walk to the glen with the ancient tower always my point of reference.

Your village is a real treasure.

Thank you for preserving it, keeping it clean and keeping it a vital and interesting place in which to work and live. I hope not to let another seven years pass before I am once again in the Williamson Hall tapping my feet, dropping into the museum, wandering through the kirk yard or climbing up the Law.

Phyllis Day