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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Tuesdays have become a very busy day since we bought Berryfields Tearoom. Being my only 'day off' I cram in shopping, medical appointments, catch ups with friends, baking and much more. Tuesday 21st October was no ex- ception.

As it was half term, and the children had been working hard too, Norman and I decided we should have a family day out restricting the essential shopping and baking to first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. Originally the plan was to go to Dunfermline and Milnathort. A couple of days beforehand Norman spotted a link to a blog on twitter which mentioned 'Steptoe's Yard' in Mon- trose, so it was decided we would head up that way in the hope of finding additions to my collections of vintage china, and looking out for bowling or something along the way to entertain the children.

Arriving at Steptoe's for the first time we were overwhelmed with the massive selection of items, many of which were not what we were looking for, but interesting all the same. We spent some time looking around and were passing the time waiting for 'the boss' to come and give us a price on some items. My daughter Beth and I were looking at teapots and Norman was elsewhere in the shed (looking at monkeys!) I picked up a very shiny gold teapot, not at all to my taste so I have no idea why I picked it up, and I opened the lid. Inside were some newspaper cuttings and I lifted the first one out. As I did so something caught my eye in the centre of the cutting. A very familiar address!

I read the rest of the cutting and quickly realised it was an obituary, not just any obituary, but that of Norman C Gordon who died at his home in Perth in 1983; my husbands’ paternal Grandfather!!! I think at this point I went white, and a little teary. I handed the paper to Beth and called Norman over. They were as surprised as I was! The other cuttings are mainly obituaries and a couple of news stories but of no relevance to us. How bizarre to have picked up THIS teapot, what were the chances?!

Anyway, 'the boss' eventually came and priced our items; she threw the teapot into the deal after hearing what we had found (and looking quite shocked!) On the journey home we were discussing the find. What were the chances of one of us going to THAT place, picking up THAT teapot AND opening it? Billions to one! Was it a sign?

We decided that Granddad Gordon must be looking out for us, and this was his way of telling us that he approved of the tearoom!

The golden teapot is now proudly displayed in Berryfields, complete with cuttings. Although I have been told it would be a good pourer I think it will stay just as it is with the cuttings inside!

Mrs Hazel Gordon Berryfields Tearoom