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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


What has leading a group abseiling down through terrifying cracks in a cave got to do with Clootie Dumplings?

This was just one of the hair-raising challenges facing Michelle Maddox of Abernethy business, Clootie McToot, when she appeared in ‘Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars’ on BBC1.

Twelve contestants went through a series of hair-raising challenges to prove to Gordon Ramsay that they would be worth an investment of £150,000 in their business. They jumped out of helicopters and off cliffs. Michelle led the caving challenge, abseiling down vertical shafts, squeezing through 22cm cracks, crawling through tunnels and then choosing the best Cheddar cheese.

Her starring moment was when she won the challenge where a salmon was filleted.

There were some very big talking characters with ambitious ideas but Michelle was always working away supporting her team and outlasted the loudmouths. She did not make the final but is now back home having had amazing experiences and gained publicity for her international business.

You can try the dumplings, along with other delicious treats at Clootie McToot in the square. The café is open Wednesday till Sunday, 11am-4.30pm and the upstairs Bistro will be opening soon.