Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


The heat of the sun combined with having my tasty meal at 2p.m. I drifted off into a deep sleep, thinking back to the day when my life changed. I had been in a small zoo until I was two years old and was picked on by other geese who were bigger than me. I was in a pen with other feathered friends, chickens and ducks who did not bother me.

Relaxing one day the lady who had been looking after me came and caught me in a net and carried me to where there were two ladies waiting at the gate. Next thing I remember I was sitting in the front of a car wrapped in a sheet and looking all around me. What a strange experience seeing all the trees passing by out of the window, strange voices soothingly talking to me. “Hello, I am your new mum and this is Aunt Margaret”. I soon settled down and kept looking at the sky which was lovely and blue.Did you know your eyes are as blueas the sky, so I think your name should be Skye.“

“Welcome Skye to your new home”, as the car stopped and I was carried, still in the sheet into the large garden.

It was a wonderful surprise to see another goose running towards me. I was gently put down on the grass and just could not wait to meet my new friend, who was very eager to meet me too. It was love at first sight with Ozzie and me, I found out his name later on. He introduced me to his water which was big enough for us to go into, this I enjoyed immensely. While all this was going on I had not noticed my new family standing watching us. "What a wonderful sight" I could hear them say,”I know they will get on well together"

I was put into a nice clean straw pen at night and the door closed to keep us safe. Being very contented I soon fell fast asleep.

Next morning was the start of a new life for me with Ozzie at my side. The gate was opened with a cheerful "Good morning Skye and Ozzie" and we followed her to where bread was laid beside the water. I could not believe my luck when I investigated my new surroundings, lots of trees to sit under and lots of grass to eat. Corn and meal were in a dish under a table so the rain did not harm it. I knew I would never be bullied again. There were two other geese in the garden whom I soon made friends with and we were all a happy family.

Winter came and went and I was always looked after with fresh water and warm bedding. Warmer days came and I felt restless, just wanting to sit in the nice straw. Unconsciously making a nest in the corner I felt something slip out of my body. I had laid my first egg. "Well done Skye” , mum told me," I'll enjoy that for my tea as a special treat.” That was the start of me laying eggs Soon it was a regular occurrence every two days. It turned out I was a good layer and laid over 40 eggs which according to mum was excellent. Every year since then I have laid lots of eggs..

One year I decided to sit and was given four eggs to try and hatch. Twice a day I would leave my nest and shout to Ozzie who would be grazing with the other geese, and he would run to me and see I was okay. I liked to eat corn and graze at some grass, then have a preen before returning to the nest of four eggs. Days went and soon four weeks went and I still did not have any hatchlings. “Oh Skye I don't think you're going to be a mum this time. I think it is time to get back to the rest of the geese.” I remember it well, feeling so sad and just wanting to go back to the nest and keep checking, but the eggs were not there any more.

Soon I forgot all about it and got on with my life, enjoying each day and being safely closed in at night.

I must have been asleep all afternoon as it was

getting cooler and I heard voices and a dog barking.

Waking up from this deep sleep and looking around me seeing Ozzie preening himself in contentment made me very happy.

Lillias Johnston