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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


As animal lovers we all understand when the time comes, the heartbreak it brings. the loss in the home and lack of cuddles and love.

This happened to me recently when I lost 2 cats in a few weeks. Gabby was over 20 years of age, She had dementia and, would you believe it was just like people, wetting bed and even in the washing machine a few mornings when I came downstairs. The day came when  I had to take her to the vet.  

Another wee cat I had was Ete, a lovable small black cat who had a party piece when asking for something out of the fridge, standing up like a meerkat., Ete had not been well for a wee while but I knew nothing could be done for her at the end.   

This was very hard on us all.  I have a lovely big cat called Smokey  who grew up with Ete as they were both kittens  together.  Sadly Ete died on the Sunday and was buried on the Monday, I have a wee graveyard and she got a special place. On the Tuesay morning  there was a dead mouse placed on top of the grave, and also one at my back door. A  farewell gift from Smokey. I buried the wee mouse with Ete.

Don't anyone underestimate  the feelings and the love animals have, not just for us but their animal friends too. Smokey is still missing the company of the other cats, although I have Bonnie  (collie). They are best friends. Bonnie  was just the same size as Smokey when she came and they played together, and have been close ever since. Always there to give a cuddle when needed. What beautiful friendship there is in the animal  world.

 Lillias Johnston