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31st October 2019

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1st December 2019


A walk in February

Oh my Goodness!! It must be a cold day, Mum is getting my coat out. Not that I mind wearing my coat, it is green with yellow trimming. Quite cool really!

First the coat and then the harness and finally my "top of the range" bright red lead. Ready at last. Off we go. Smart, eh!

Down the steps, and I stop and have a look around to see who is coming down the street, all clear so I have a sniff about and decide it`s safe to go on. Across to Hatton Road, more sniffing and I get let off the lead..

Mum walks on briskly, I let her go, I am on my own now, doing my own thing. Soon I hear her whistle and I look up ..... she is almost out of sight .... I panic and race down the road, she waits and gives me a treat for coming so quickly. Whew!

Who is that coming towards us? Should I run up and say hello? Ah, its Jasper, my old friend. He walks sedately up and our Mums have a chat. I don`t bounce at him or bother him, Jasper is not one for wild games. Now, if it were Jet or Tig we would be charging over the fields, seeing who could run fastest...its usually me .... I am the oldest .... and the best!

Now we pass Hatton Farm, watching out for the big red lorries. They are very noisy and quite scary.

Chester is coming down the road, seems to be by himself, walking slowly and steadily, but breaks into a jog when he sees us. He rushes up to my Mum and sits in front of her. She always gives him a biscuit and Chester likes his food! Happy, he gives me a nuzzle and trots off again. I see his Mum catching up so I go and say hello to her ....... sometimes she gives me a carrot. I don`t have to watch my figure but Chester is dieting.

On we go towards Cordon Mains, past my wee pals, Slinky and Woody, who like to shout at me as we pass and run up and down behind the fence. It’s always nice to see them. My Mum stops and has a chat to Jessie and Charlie in the paddock. I can`t be bothered with them and keep my distance. I still remember the time when a horse kicked me when I was little.

Wonder who is in the park today. Can`t wait to get there. I can hear barking, maybe it’s Jack running after his ball. I know he will not be pleased if I interfere with his game so I will stay well back. Yes, it’s Jack, but Marley is there too. The beautiful Marley, who everyone loves. She is always up for a run around while our Mums catch up on the gossip.

Then it’s the slow trudge home and to bed for a sleep ..... perchance to dream. It’s a dog`s life!!

Maureen Nisbet