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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022


A number of the older residents in Abernethy have provided their recollections of the Abernethy in which they grew up. Those which we have available for viewing can be accessed by clicking on the links below or via the “Days of Yore” on the navigation bar at the left hand side of the page.

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From an Old Courier

As mentioned by Ruby in her “Trip down memory lane” there were many more shops and businesses in Abernethy than there are today.

In the 1920s for instance there were;

2 bakers,

a bank,

3 blacksmiths,

2 boot and shoemakers,

1 butcher,

2 cattle dealers,

4 coal merchants,

3 drapers and winney manufacturers,

3 dressmakers and milliners,

8 fruitgrowers,

4 grocers and general dealers,

3 joiners and cabinet makers,

6 spirit dealers,

1 tailor,

3 fishing tacksmen,

1 hairdresser,

1 traction engine operator,

1 sexton,

1 inspector of the poor,

1 ironmonger and seed merchant,

1 fully operational railway station

12 families listed as Gentry.

You could be suited, booted and ready for anything all in the one street.

Happy days.

If there are any I have missed let me know.

The Ed