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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


There was a time - about half a century ago, when anyone  walking around Perth would know that they were in Scotland. All they had to do was look at the names of the pubs. In the High Street there was the Taybar, Fair City, The Glencoe and the Thistle. Round the corner in North Methven Street was the Clachan. Now only the Thistle survives. South Street fares slightly better wuth the Auld Hoose and the Gowrie House still surviving. Tne St Johnstoun Tavern had its name changed  to Scaramouche. Crazy! Sensibly it has now reverted to The Tavern. How original! The Storont Arms otherwise known as Bob Gunn’s bar changed its name to The King Willow when the licence was taken over by Tom Lodge, the former Perthshire  County Cricket Club professional who was aYorkshireman. It has gone as has the Fifeshire Bar. A former owner of the Burns Bar in County Place had  the  temerity to change the name to The Cherries - despite the effigy of our national bard in a niche on the frontage. Thankfully it is now the more posh sounding Robert Burns Lounge. It is also sad that so many of the locally owned shops have gone. That however is another story . Something to think about for the next edition of The Crier  

Bob Macdonald