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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022


Photo with my Aunt  Annie Bett as she was then in Perth High Street in 1950.

Before the days of digital cameras and mobile phones it was common for street photographers to  " snap " you as you walked down the High Streets of our towns and if you wanted to have the pictures you paid the fee and they were then sent on to you. This photo taken in 1950 shows my Aunt Annie Bett, as she was then, taking her dug for a walk doon Perth High Street.

The second photo from 1970 when Abernethy was still very much a "Raspberry village" shows Ian Bett in his coal lorry with a load of rasps ready to be collected by a  Perth and Angus Fruitgrowers Association lorry for overnight transportation to the Fresh markets in the likes of Liverpool and Manchester. No polytunnels in these days so pickings like this were very much weather dependent. It must have been a Wednesday as you can see the Co-op  is closed for the half holiday.