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1st September 2017

Abernethy - Then

The following extracts are from the Abernethy Newsletter dated December 1982.

–does anything change?
Dear Editor,
I read with interest all the bellyaching about cars parked round the CornerShop. I find it difficult  to see what anyone has against the much persecuted motorists stopping to pick up their papers. I am beginning to think some sections of the community will not be happy until the village is covered in yellow lines and traffic wardens. I would be interested to hear what the other motorists have to say on the matter.
Yours, Persecuted Motorist.
P.S. If the Council bought half a dozen gates or so they could block the whole village from cars, that might make them happy.

- but perhaps there is some hope
Dear Editor,
I would like to bring to the notice of the Community Council that the bus shelter has no windows and the roof leaks lik a sieve. Can the Community Council do anything about this poor state of repair as winter is coming on and I have to wait for the school bus. No doubt we will hear the old chestnut about vandalism etc, but I am sure in this year 1982 (not 1892), that a shelter ODF some sort could be arranged. I notice Perth has “vandal proof” shelters.
Pupil (that has fast oncoming Pneumonia)

33years on 1 fixed 1 unchanged.