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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022

The bell in the round tower was rung every night at 8 o’clock. This let all the children out playing tally - ho, hide and seek, kick the can or just getting up to mischief get home in time.

And who was it who had to rise from the comfort of his cosy warm fireside chair in all weathers to ring the bell?…..That was my dad George (Geordie) Beatson

This was only one of the many jobs he carried out for the Local Council.

One of his other tasks was lighting the gas street lights. Yes Abernethy had gas lit street lighting at the time, how lucky we were.

When lighting up time came around my dad took out two “leerie” poles. The poles had a hook at one end and he had to reach up to the lamp, pull down the chain inside the lamp and flick on the gas light. To make life easier for my father one of the Beatson family would always help. We would meet at the lamp beside the war memorial and go in different directions throughout the village lighting the lamps. We would finally meet up at the last lamp to be lit at the top of Station road. We then made our way home up the School Wynd.

Lights out was a reverse of this procedure, always taking a torch to light our way home.

Another good days work accomplished for the good and well being of Abernethy.

May Dack