Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


I am a wee purple cushion and I have been on a great adventure!  I must be one of the farthest travelled cushions in Scotland!  Let me tell you about it.

I used to live in the SWI Office and was the constant companion of my owner, keeping her back comfortable on the big blue typist’s chair.  Life was quite ordinary for a while but I did feel quite useful.  Then, one day, a terrible commotion started and boxes started getting filled with the “stuff” in the office, cupboards and shelves were emptied, and I remember wondering, oh! what’s going on, and what’s to happen to me!  I didn’t have long to find out, and lo and behold! I found myself in the boot of someone’s car!  It later transpired, that instead of going home with my owner, I was shoved in with some other “stuff” to be transported to the new Secretary.  Oh! dear, I thought, she has forgotten all about me.  I was kept in that car boot for a few days, then one day I was taken out of the boot with a whole lot of other “stuff” and given to the new Secretary along with the typist’s chair.  However, the new Secretary didn’t want me, and as my “real” owner would be coming up in a few days it was agreed I would be going home with her.  I felt much better after I heard that, but then I was put in the new Secretary’s garage and it was quite cold, I would much rather have been in a nice warm office.  However, it wasn’t long before my “real” owner appeared and I thought oh! great, I am going home!   But, no, she came and went – home without me!  She had forgotten to take me (how unlike her!)  So I stayed in my “temporary” owner’s garage for another few days and then a car arrived, and I thought ah!  I am going home this time!  But no, it wasn’t my owner, but this kind lady said she would take me and give me to my “real” owner next time she saw her.  I remained in her car boot for several days and there were various comings and goings, opening and shutting of the boot, then I heard talk of Orkney and something called Summer School.  Oh! I thought, maybe my “real” owner has moved to Orkney and I am going there.  But no, I was left in the boot all the way over in the boat beside the cases etc.  I knew I was on a boat because I could feel a gentle rocking, but I didn’t feel seasick, it was rather nice, apart from the fact I was stuck in the boot.  After a few days, my “temporary” owner put the cases back in the boot beside me, and I distinctly heard her say,”Oh! that damned cushion I must remember to give it back as soon as possible”.  However, after we got back from Orkney, I remained in the boot for several more days, then I heard Braco Show mentioned.  Was my “real” owner going to Braco Show and I was going to see her at last?  No, I travelled to Braco Show, in the boot of my “temporary” owner’s car, and returned to her home once more.  Then I heard talk of Kinross Show, and I got quite excited and thought Oh! my “real” owner will be there as she always enters the Show!  But no, Kinross Show came and went, apparently my “real” owner forgot to pick me up from the car boot, and once more I headed home with my “temporary” owner.  I criss-crossed over the Forth Road Bridge a few times as well, I know this because I heard talk of Edinburgh and Heriot Row, but I wasn’t hopeful that I would meet my “real” owner there, and never did.  I also travelled to meetings in Perth, went to Dundee Flower Festival, and I even went to a Fashion Show!   I know this as I heard these places mentioned.  I also attended a few Birthday Parties!  One of which I remember was Luncarty.  Well, I say “attended”, but I was stuck in the boot!  We went to Blairgowrie Autumn Group Meeting and the nights were drawing in by this time, and I was thinking, am I ever going to see my “real” owner again.  I went to a few more events in the boot of my “temporary” owner’s car - I was getting used to this!  In October we attended the Royal Highland Show Meeting at Ingliston, Bingo Tea at Amulree, Strathearn Group Meeting, and Glendoick Garden Centre, but I didn’t see my “real” owner at any of these.  I then attended the Matter of Opinion, another Birthday Party at Kirkmichael, and Floral Art Classes at the George Hotel, all very interesting but where was my owner?  Did she not want me any more?  Then my spirits lifted, I heard mention of going to Glencarse to hear “Behind the Veil” and I thought my real owner is sure to be there!   Oh! she was there, but she forgot about me again!  Then my spirits really lifted, I heard mention of Kinross Group Autumn Meeting at Portmoak, and I thought she is bound to be there, she goes to all the Group Meetings!  I am happy to tell you she was there and I was re-united at last with my “real” owner.  Wonderful!  Home at last!  

I now spend my days in my owner’s new car, very posh, and she uses me to support her back again, and I am still travelling!  I have been to lots of lovely places with her in the car, and it's nice to be on the seat instead of kept in the boot!

Hope you enjoyed my story!

The Wee Purple Cushion

Evelyn Scobie