Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Congratulations to Abernethy in Bloom for the fantastic result in  both Take a Pride in Perthshire and Beautiful  Scotland. The  competition  is not only about beautiful  flowers and weed free flower beds, Community involvement is equally important and this year it has been evident that the community has been involved. Well done to all!

The Community Empowerment( Scotland ) Act 2015 set out requirements for local authorities and other public bodies to involve communities in decision making.

Recently we had the opportunity to be involved  by  completing a short questionnaire  about  our views on health and wellbeing needs in our local area (Lower Earn).  Information gathered from the report will help form the needs of the community regarding health provision in Lower Earn. The number of questionnaires completed was very small from Abernethy, perhaps  October  was not the best month to try and engage  with the community. I am sure many of you are thinking we knew nothing about it, but several  methods  were used to try and communicate; Facebook survey monkey, P& K website, posters and questionnaires in shop, clinic, hall and Crees Inn. Perhaps the purpose of the questionnaire was unclear.    

Community groups are invited to apply to Community Investment Fund, £50k allocated per ward, apply before 15th February, information on Council web site or contact  Councillors. P&K along with other councils encourages groups and communities to apply for funding. Scottish Government Community Choices Funding is available to community groups as well as Community Councils & Development Trusts.

 It is too easy to criticise and complain about what we do not have in Abernethy or what the council doesn’t do. P&K Council tries to make best use of the resources available and we can help in small ways to make Abernethy better.

As another year draws to a close I would like to thank all those who give their time to the Community, probably too many to mention. Each of you makes Abernethy a good place to live.

 I take this opportunity to wish you all A Happy Christmas and A Happy Healthy 2019.

 If you need to contact please contact kathleenbaird @pkc.gov.uk , mobile 07584206839. 01738475086