Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


A Councillor’s week is varied, never boring sometimes frustrating but always interesting. I have been appointed to the Lifelong Learning committee, Audit committee and Vice–Convenor of Scrutiny . Looking forward to the challenges .

All elected members attend statutory Council meetings every 6 weeks, as well as committee meetings and briefing sessions. Agenda items at recent council meeting included City Hall, support for Perth economy, upgrading multistorey car park in Canal St including pay on exit.  Hope some of the measures will improve shopping experience for all.

The Council like other local authorities are involving communities more and more. The Council is establishing Local Community Placemaking Partnerships, (formerly called Planning Partnership, this was causing confusion as it is not spatial planning). Five Locality teams are being established throughout the council area. Almond & Earn & Kinrosshire is one of the localities ,a huge geographical area.  Community Councils and other community groups had the opportunity to attend workshops in either Kinross or Bridge of Earn earlier this year, I attended the workshop in Kinross, many issues were raised including, where and how often the group would meet  and who would be on the group. The focus is now ensuring the right representation, with a manageable number of individuals representing the breadth of interest groups in the locality. It has been agreed that the membership of the group will include local councillors, representatives from Community Councils, representatives from other community groups, representative from Community Partners (NHS, Police Scotland,& PKC). Chair for our group for the first year will be Maggie Pettigrew Police Scotland and the Lead Officer Sarah Brown P&K council. It is important that Abernethy’s voice is heard on this group.  Look out for information about the next stage. Next meeting should be sometime in the Autumn.

Somethings do not change, the problem of dog fouling despite more and more bins some irresponsible dog owners still persist to blight the landscape either by hanging bags on fences, or trees or failing to notice that their dog has fouled a park, or pavement as they walk on oblivious. Sadly it is irresponsible people within our own community who cause the problem. Naming and shaming may be the only answer.

To end on a positive note thank you to Abernethy in Bloom who are working so hard to transform the village, not only have they revamped Nurse Peattie’s garden and continue to maintain it, but they have added colour to the village with beautiful planters placed throughout the village. Well done to everyone who helps to enhance the village in whatever way.

I prefer not to hold a regular  surgery, but I am happy to meet residents at a time and place convenient.   
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Kathleen Baird