Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Well, so far summer has been changeable weather wise. The upside to this is that the bloom group throughout the villages have some wonderful displays of lush flowers and shrubs. The volunteers that are in the groups are doing a great job and I am sure that their hard work will be recognised by the judges..

As council is in recess only quasi-judicial committees are currently meeting to ensure that licences and permissions are being granted or not within the prescribed times.

One issue that is raising concerns throughout PKC is the Council administration’s financial support for the Heart 200.

The SNP fully support tourist initiatives and are 100% behind entrepreneurs who need support with well thought out business plans, that will stand up to robust scrutiny. The funding of £45000 is being directly handed over to the organisers and not through Visit Scotland. Although the funding is being handed over in tranches the criteria for these tranches are vague and the administration cannot give the SNP group clarity on the criteria. All one gets is that a budget decision by the administration to allocate £50000 to establish a “Heart of Scotland” touring route around Perth and Kinross linking in to existing road, cycle and rail routes and to promote the historical, cultural and environmental attractions across the area was taken.   One will have to wait and see how this budget decision will pan out.

If you wish to raise any council concerns with me or wish advice on matters do not hesitate to call me on 01738 475039 mob 07899062122  email handerson@pkc.gov.uk or at my surgeries that take place 1 hour prior to community council meetings.                                                  

Henry Anderson

Last time, I spoke of the numerous requests received by the Traffic and Network Team. A request has been granted at Aberargie for a further VAS sign, which may be in place by the time the Crier is published. I hope drivers will take notice of the sign as they drive through Aberargie. The new footpath in Aberargie is looking good.

Parking in Main Street is once more an issue, the Traffic and Network team are once again consulting with the residents, the Community Council and P&K Councillors on this proposal for parking restrictions and waiting restrictions on Main  Street.

Were you one of the people who tried a Plastic Free July or maybe you are trying a Plastic Free September? Single use plastic is in the news both nationally and internation- -ally. Perth & Kinross Council waste services has recently undertaken an internal consultation on single use disposable items, not only plastic, with a view to investigating possible alternatives. The Blue Planet effect highlighted exceptionally high levels of single use plastics that are produced and disposed of across the world.

We as individuals can play our part by trying to reduce the amount of single use plastic we buy. Disposal of such items comes at a cost, not only financially but to the environment. We can all play our part. Plastic free village?

Thank you to all members of the community who have taken part in litter pick, strimming verges, weeding, watering, grass cutting and generally making Abernethy and Aberargie more attractive for visitors and residents.

Councillor Kathleen Baird , kathleenbaird @pkc.gov.uk ,01738475086./07584206839

Almond and Earn Active Partnership

Are you interested in your local community? Would you like to make a difference? Do you have some spare time?  Are you aware of some of the inequalities in Abernethy?  Have you good ideas?  Are you a member of a group who has  been awarded some funding? Do you know that the Local Action Partnership is looking to recruit  a community member/members from Abernethy/Aberargie? If you answer YES to any of the questions above you may be the person we are looking for.  Anyone over the age of 16 will be considered.

Members of Almond & Earn Partnership are local  P& K Councillors, community representatives from Methven, Bridge of Earn and hopefully soon from Abernethy. The Chair at the moment is a community representative from Methven.   We meet about 6 times a year on Tuesday evening from 6 – 8pm in either Bridge of Earn, Methven or Abernethy, travelling expenses are paid. Funding in Abernethy has been awarded to help fund projects at the Pavilion, Williamson Hall, Toddlers Group, Primary School  Keep Active Group. If you are interested and  would like to have a chat please contact  Kathleen Baird  , Kathleenbaird@pkc.gov.uk or 07584206839