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Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


I hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather. I thought I would share a bit about what I have been doing since I was elected as one of the councillors for Almond and Earn.

My role as councillor has been a very busy one so far. I have attended all the induction training in order to make sure I carry out my duties efficiently. I am on Learning and Families, Housing and Social Wellbeing, The Integrated Joint Board (IJB) and Scrutiny Committees.

The Council is in recess just now, so I have a break from Committee meetings until August when they will start up again.

I have had a steady stream of casework from constituents throughout the ward, which I am very happy to delve into and hopefully resolve any issues that are important to residents.

If anyone has any issues/concerns, then please feel free to call or email me. I am always happy to discuss them with you and help if I can.

I hope you all have a lovely summer.

Best Wishes


Cllr Michelle Frampton Ward 9 – Almond and Earn
Email: MFrampton@pkc.gov.uk Work Telephone No: 01738 475125 Mobile Telephone No: 07468 756301


The Abernethy Hill Race
The Shocking Truth Revealed.

The Abernethy Hill Race was run this year on the 19th June and 47 hardy souls took part. It runs from the lamp post outside 47 Main St, down Main Street, up The Rough Glen and then onto the top of Castle Law Hill itself and back down. Although it has been officially measured as 2.39 miles with 663 feet of climb, for most people it feels a lot longer to run and a lot higher to climb. The event is a celebration of community, fun, fitness and dark, dark masochism.

Cups and shields are awarded to the winners in each category and 2nd places are rewarded with medals. I, myself, have never come 1st or 2nd, but in 1999 I did come 4th in the Blue Riband Over 16 Men's event. (Ed’s Note – Aye! Out of 4!). If you aren’t fit enough to make the top 2, then having a good excuse for a more leisurely time is vital. In the Hill Race, as in life, a good excuse should be both plausible and heart-rending. Some parents run with their small children and one runner completed the race with a broken bone.

Everyone knows that practising for the Hill Race is cheating. Now, blackmail is an ugly word, but it’s accurate and a perfectly affordable four-figure sum paid into a numbered Swiss bank account, (monthly), will avoid any names being revealed and any reputations being ruined.

Veteran runners know to stop for a rest on the way down just before Nurse Peattie’s Garden, in order to be prepared for an impressive sprint to the finish line where everyone gets a fantastic cheer from the crowd however fast, or not-so-fast, the runner. It’s that clapping and noise that makes the whole effort worthwhile. However, it’s not just the athletes that need applauded: the marshalls; the glamourous ladies who look after the ice poles and registering and filling out the certificates; the people who manned the finishing line and, especially, Keir Allen, who did a great job of leading and organising the whole event, they all deserved to be cheered as well. The actual truth about the Abernethy Hill Race is that it is a marvellous event in which everyone in Abernethy can be very proud.

Lake Back Dykes

Although it is frankly preposterous to be writing about flooding during one of the driest periods for many years, from time to time after very heavy rain a very large puddle forms at the bottom of School Wynd by the new Puffin Crossing. Known as Lake Back Dykes to local residents, this causes a great deal of nuisance to motorists and especially pedestrians and has also the potential to cause a significant accident. Lake Back Dykes usually has a slightly smaller sibling – Lochan Bus Stop – at the top of Manse Road. These puddles happen despite the efforts of the Council’s Road maintenance team to give the drains regular scourings. The good news is that the council is planning to completely redo the drains and resurface Back Dykes, which should reduce this problem. Unfortunately, the not-so-good news is the only timescale available at the moment is “Not this financial year”. I’ll keep you up to date with progress.

Dark Clouds over the Council’s finances.

In June, the Council’s Director of Finance reported that the forecast deficit for Perth and Kinross Council in financial year 2023-24 is currently predicted to be £24m. It’s unlikely that the Scottish Government are going to be able to help Scottish local Authorities with extra cash. They face a deficit black hole of their own of over £2.1 bn. It’s also unlikely that you, as Council Tax payers are going to be happy to pay up a possible extra 24% on your Council tax. You have enough inflationary pressures to deal with already. So, hard decisions are going to have to be taken by the Council to find savings. Time will tell how well these decisions will be taken by the new administration.

It’s great when a plan comes to fruition.

Back in the March edition of the Crier, it was reported that Hillcrest were going to work with PKC to tidy up the bins in Clow Square. It’s a pleasure to report that a new bin shelter has been completed and things are looking a lot tidier now.

 And finally…

If you think I can be of any help then please let me know.  

Email dillingworth@pkc.gov.uk or call 07767006275