Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Summer sun has been glowing and I do hope you have all enjoyed being out and about, perhaps venturing a bit further from home. We are adjusting to the new normal.

Councillors, along with most Council staff, are still working from home but  Pullar House is open for some essential staff.

At this time of the year councillors are alerted by residents that verges and hedges require cutting.  Can I maybe gently remind homeowners it is also their responsibility to maintain their own assets; unfortunately hedges do need to be cut annually. Council officers occasionally have to knock on a  door to remind a householder of their responsibility. Let us all play our part by  cutting hedges and overgrown shrubs thus helping to make it safer for everyone to walk on the pavement, whether it be within the village or in the countryside.

Hedges that are the responsibility of the Council will be cut outwith the birds’ nesting season and normally cut annually by the end of August.

Verges are another hot topic. Many people do not want verges cut so as to encourage biodiversity while others want all verges cut.  Verges,  outwith areas where vehicles are restricted to 30mph, are cut once a year. Sight lines may be cut more often for road safety reasons.

Greenspace Team  have not escaped  the impact of Covid, with staff requiring to isolate or being redeployed to other essential duties. I think we all agree ensuring bins are emptied is an essential service .  This has led to delay with routine ground maintenance .

Climate Change is much talked about. It is having  a significant and detrimental impact to our surrounding environment and nature. We need to work together to tackle and adapt to climate change.  PKC held a number of  successful on line sessions and Climate Cafes across the council area  earlier this year. The results of engagement along with an action plan will be presented to Perth & Kinross Council in Autumn this year.

Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust has been trying to engage with the community of Abernethy with regard to the proposed cycle path from Bridge of Earn to Newburgh. The community is probably split over this also.  The Community Council have held two Zoom meetings where the path has been the main topic, I hope the wider community through the article in the Crier will be more informed and respond. Cycling is not for everyone but we know there are many families who enjoy recreational cycling.

Stay Safe, and I do hope all those who are eligible for COVID have accepted the  invitation  to go along to a vaccine centre. Some of us  will soon be getting a booster! Thank you to those from the community who are  volunteering  at a vaccine centre.

 Councillor Kathleen Baird   If I can be of help to you as always I can be contacted  on 07584206839 or kathleenbaird @pkc.gov.uk


The Active Travel Route.
There’s tons of information about the Active Travel Route from Bridge of Earn to Newburgh elsewhere in this esteemed journal, but it’s also worthwhile thinking about why this is going to be such a good thing for Abernethy.
Health.  An easy to use route will promote health and it will be lovely to see school children cycling safely into School from Aberargie in the West and from Carpow and Jamesfield in the East..
Climate Change.  If we are to reduce our carbon footprint, we are all going to need to change a lot of the things we do and active travel is going to be part of that change.
The Green Economy.  By linking the Fife Coastal Path with the proposed long distance path up the River Tay from Perth, we’ll be able to welcome walkers and the like to the tearooms, pubs and B&Bs in the area, thus creating local jobs and opportunities for the local economy.
Safety.  By encouraging cyclists and walkers off the main roads, we’ll reduce the risk of serious injury and even fatalities on the roads
Two Tribes.On consecutive days, it was a pleasure to see 2 “tribes” on very different steeds come to visit Abernethy recently.  On the Saturday, the Mods came rolling into the village on their very cool Vespa scooters.  With some dressed in parkas, their bikes festooned with mirrors a la Quadraphenia and fluttering Union flags they certainly looked, and sounded, the part. However, even if the Rockers had been present, I doubt there would have been a punch up. A good brew up of tea, biscuits and a blether would be more their style nowadays.
The very next day, the horsey mob came a-riding into town to do some Endurance riding up in Pitmedden Forest and down through the village. There were two rides, 10km for the older horses and 26km for the hard core enthusiasts.  It was a pleasure to hear the clip clop of the hooves and to see horses and riders looking so well groomed and smart.
Although the 2 tribes have different styles and tastes, both groups clearly enjoy the camaraderie that comes from sharing a common interest, and they both left thinking Abernethy is a very nice place indeed.

“What stuff should I be putting into my blue bin?”


• Newspaper, magazines and junk mail
• Office paper, shredded paper and envelopes (including windowed)
• Directories, catalogues and books
• Non-metallic gift wrap


• Cardboard packaging and food sleeves
• Toilet and kitchen roll tubes
• Greetings cards


• Food and drinks cartons (e.g. Tetra Pak)

Tins and cans

• Food and drinks cans
• Pet food tins
• Aerosol cans
• Biscuit and sweet tins
• Metal jar lids

Plastic bottles and containers

• Tubs, trays and punnets
• Yoghurt pots
• Shampoo and detergent bottles
• Plastic drinks and sauce bottles
• Plastic bottle tops

Over the last year or so, a lot of stuff that shouldn’t be going into blue bins has been going in.  Contamination costs council tax payers money because it costs more to sort through the recycling and if it gets too high the council can be fined,  If you’re in doubt, leave it out!

“What are the items I cannot put in the blue bin?”

• Plastic bags
• Polythene
• Plastic film
• Crisp or sweet packets
• Foil
• Food or food contaminated packaging
• Nappies
• Clothes
• Shoes
• Glass

The exception that proves the rule!

Of course, everyone in the village was furious to see the theft of plants from the beautiful floral displays that Abernethy in Bloom have so lovingly provided for us all to enjoy.  It was especially galling when you think about how much effort and time they put into making our village so attractive.
Now, what made the theft stand out was that this sort of thing happens so rarely here.  For every incident like this, there are more than 100 examples of people helping out in the village.  Whether it’s picking up bits of litter and other mess, or helping with Scouts or giving people lifts, there are always people who make Abernethy better.  The theft of some plants is truly the exception that proves the rule.

By the way, Abernethy in Bloom is a very friendly group that meets up every Monday morning in Nurse Peattie’s Garden to work on various projects.  If you like doing things with your hands and enjoy a right good natter, then I’m sure you would be made very welcome.

“Where is that brill swimming loch you keep banging on about?”

Lochmill loch is just outside Newburgh and is a great place to go for wild swimming if you are a competent strong swimmer.  Although it isn’t actually heated, temperatures do rise quite a lot in the summer and it is very refreshing on a hot summer’s day.  We’ve also been enjoying keeping up with a pair of swans and their cygnets, at a good distance, obviously.

By Car from Abernethy, drive into Newburgh and take the very first turning on the right after the Bowling Club.  Follow this windy, narrow road up over the railway bridge, out of the village, past some beautiful views over the Tay until you get to a steep left hand turn with what looks like a sentry box on the right.  It’s just past a wooded bit.  Then follow the rough track on your right a couple of hundred yards until you reach Lochmill Loch.

There is also a lovely 8 mile walk from Abernethy, up through Pitmedden Forest to the loch and then back along “The Old Cart Road” and the A913 Newburgh Road to Abernethy.

Finally, if you think I can be of any help then please let me know and I’ll do my best to help.  

Email dillingworth@pkc.gov.uk or call 07767006275.