Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Abernethy is blessed to have a fantastic network of core paths that wind their way around the hills above our lovely village.  It’s a valuable health resource that promotes well being by encouraging physical exercise and, also, provides opportunities to get out into the countryside and put worries and concerns into perspective.  The pub, tea-room and village shops all benefit from visitors who tramp round the paths then come and spend their hard earned cash afterwards.

If the paths aren’t maintained properly, then eventually they become overgrown and we will lose these important facilities, so I’m happy to report lots of progress over the last couple of months.

When part of the old bridge at the very top of Kirk Wynd collapsed back in the spring of 2013, most people thought it wouldn’t be long before it fell down completely.  However, the original structure confounded expectations and kept on standing.  In the meantime, a number of organisations came along to look at it and after much gnashing of teeth found they weren’t able to help for quite understandable reasons.  This summer, local farmer, Jack Lawrie decided to bite the bullet and replaced the dilapidated bridge with a great big culvert.  As well as giving him access to his field of Swedes, Jack has removed the risk of the bridge collapsing while the burn was in spate and causing flooding in Kirk Wynd and Main Street as well as, obviously, improving our access to the hills.

Perth and Kinross Council has also been working hard maintaining the 108 steps and wooden bridge at the top of the Witches Road.  They’ve repaired rotting wooden railing, replaced the gravel on the steps, strengthened the foundations of the bridge, as well as given the bridge a good  clean.  In addition, they commissioned tree surgeons to cut down a large dangerous tree in the Den which could easily have fallen on a passer-by.  That would have spoiled their day a bit.
In June, the Abernethy Path Group volunteers: Stewart, Alistair and myself met with Dave, Jo and Peter from PKC.  We volunteers were given thorough health and safety training in how to use PKC’s lovely petrol strimmers and we then went off to clear the path around the horses’ field up by the Glenfoot Road. A good days work, we thought.  And then, as if by magic in the next couple of days, somebody else cleared away the undergrowth in the Witches’ Road and the Rough Glen.  I haven’t found out who did this work, but he, she, or they, have made a real difference – Thank you!! Whoever you are.

So, all in all, the core path network around the village is actually in quite good condition and we can be proud to have such a valuable resource literally on our doorstep.

David Illingworth


 In June  Perth & Kinross Council set the Provisional  Capital budget for  the next 10 years. Allocating £50m by reprioritisation of projects and programmes already in the capital budget to build a replacement  Perth High School  The present building is over 40 years old and is in a poor condition. The council will continue to invest in the present  school in order to ensure that the school remains operational. Pupils from Abernethy in the future will be attending this new school, which will be built on the playing fields therefore there will be no need to decant pupils during building works. Dunbarney and  Forgandenny pupils who are going into S1 this year will be at Perth Grammar School for 1 year before moving into the new Bertha Park School in Autumn 2019.  

The Council is committed to improving  Community Greenspace and Road Safety measures as well as many other projects. Many VAS are being installed throughout the area, generally this is helping to improve driver behaviour. Abernethy has signs as you enter and leave the village, Aberargie has one 40mph VAS. I have requested another one.

 I am delighted that Almond and Earn Action Partnership  agreed to allocate some funding to Abernethy Pavilion,   Bridge of Earn Institute and Methven Community Centre; all buildings used by community but needing investment.. These Halls applied for funding through Participatory Budgeting - Abernethy Pavilion received funding, Methven a small percentage and the Institute were unsuccessful.

The Action partnership were keen to help the most needy , addressing inequalities helping to make buildings more fit for purpose. We presented the three groups with £7000 in June, hopefully this will encourage the committees to apply for further funding.

Health and Wellbeing is very much in the news and locally the long awaited new Surgery provision at Bridge of Earn which does involve some Abernethy residents.  Councillors, representatives from Earn CC have met with representatives from NHS. Next stage is to gather information by engaging with the community. To make this engagement as speedy as possible, a Place Standard tool will be used, planning for this is at early stage. An event is planned for Saturday 27th October  at Bridge of Earn Institute A Better Place To Live Event where you will be able to add your comments. If you have a view or opinion it is important to speak up now.  

Fantastic summer weather residents and visitors  have been out and about enjoying the beautiful countryside either walking or cycling. I would like to remind everyone of the country code. If the GATE is shut please shut behind you. Take your litter home please . Keep Dogs on Lead where there are animals. At this time of year hedges  can be a problem  can I remind  householders  it is their  responsibility to make sure that any hedge is not protruding on to the footpath .

 Facebook  seems to thrive on people commenting about  

 Inconsiderate Dog Owners

 Inconsiderate Car parking

 Inconsiderate drivers who ignore speed limits.       

 There are many individuals and groups who work hard to make the village attractive. I thoroughly enjoyed the Garden Open Day visiting the Hidden Gems, chatting to enthusiastic gardeners. Abernethy In Bloom have achieved much  in a very short time. Well done to everyone who helps to improve the village. I would like to see more positive comments on Facebook  to show our appreciation.

This summer there was a good feeling in the village, new businesses  opening, visitors about.  Happy smiley children  enjoying the sunshine.

 Councillor Kathleen Baird

 If you wish to discuss any matter with me please call 01738475086 mob 07584206839.