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Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022

MARCH 2012


Draft Local Plan

From the 30th January every one has 10 weeks to make representations on the Draft Local Plan. The Plan will be available in libraries and on the Council’s website. Planning decisions will be made in line with this document so it is pretty important that it. There are no huge surprises in Abernethy and district but it is probably a good idea to take a look at the policies section and the maps of our own local area. As well as areas marked for housing or employ- ment the settlement boundaries are important as they mark the effective limits for development. In particu- lar, in Aberargie room has been left within the bound- ary for housing on the south side of the A913 . This would increase the size of the village, local traffic and probably mean a 30 mph limit. What do you think? It is useful if people comment on anything they like in the plan so a representation could be both positive and negative.

At its meeting on 10th January the Council dis- cussed a draft Proposed Local Development Plan and agreed that after amendments moved by Coun- cillors the proposed plan would be sent out for rep- resentations from interested parties. The Proposed Local Development Plan in its amend- ed form has now gone out for representation and community engagement events have been organised details of which are on the Council’s website at www.pkc.gov.uk/ProposedPlan. The Draft Plan will also be available for viewing on the website and representations can be made there too. A paper form can also be sent to: Development Plan Team, Perth & Kinross Council, Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth PH1 5GD. Representations should be made before 10 April 2012 as late ones cannot be considered.

Budget day for Perth & Kinross is on 9th February but it is common knowledge that Council Tax will not be increased. The Council has managed to cope well financially in very difficult circumstances. The budget will highlight several areas of concern that will be able to be addressed over the next year. (There are, of course a heap of other issues but these are the immediate big picture ones.)

George Hayton and Wilma Lumsden