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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022

MARCH 2014

May I start this, my first article for Abernethy Village Crier, by introducing myself. I am Henry Anderson and I am one of the three Councillors who represent you in what is called Almond and Earn Ward 9. I am so grateful to have this opportunity by the good folk of The Crier to highlight some issues that the Community have currently. As most of my business interests have always involved a large element of driving and transport, I have decided my first article will focus on transport issues in Abernethy

The most controversial issue at the moment is parking at the memorial in the square. I realise that parking on-street in front of someone’s house by another driver, is very annoying, but is not an offence, as long as it is not blocking access out of the property, i.e. driveway and garage. Unfortunately homeowners/tenants have no rights regarding on street parking if there is no space beside their own property, then they will have to find an alternative safe parking location. Parking on a pavement or on a junction restricting the view of drivers entering or egressing the junction is an offence. Parking on a blind corner is also prohibited; parking causing an obstruction where emergency vehicles cannot get access is also an offence. The only way a car can perhaps get parked near to the person’s home is with a disabled sticker. They can park in a space specified disabled. If a person was living in a house and they were registered as disabled they could ask the council if they could have a disabled bay near to their house. If the council deemed the area suitable for a disabled bay then this may get the registered disabled person parking beside their property.

I have discussed the merits of parking restrictions in the area, but to be honest, I cannot see any merits in having no parking in the centre of Abernethy. Lastly trailers can be parked for loading and unloading; after the operation is completed it would be courteous for them to be removed from the street. Long term on street parking of trailers is not permitted.

Another issue brought to my attention was the use of the core paths for trials motorbikes; this is not permitted for two reasons. Most obvious are the safety issues: pedestrians, dogs, and cyclists, mixed with powerful motorbikes is not a good idea and cannot be allowed to happen. Core paths are for the public, dog walkers, joggers, and pedal cycling in a safe environment. Motorbikes are most definitely excluded. The other reason is these machines cause a great deal of erosion to the footpaths and spoil it for others. I am sure these bikers can find an alternative to the footpaths.

If one can cast one’s mind back to Christmas 2013 the Abernethy to Newburgh road was blocked because of flooding caused by the heavy rain that occurred in the days prior. I can happily report that due to some excellent cooperation between the landowners, Perth & Kinross Council roads dept., and Fife Council roads dept. the culvert has been repaired and hopefully we will not have any more flooding at the County Boundary.

I notice that we still have a large amount of surface water at Backdykes opposite the garage when we have heavy rain. I shall talk to the roads dept on this subject ASAP and try to get some resolve for that area. If you wish to discuss these, or you have any other issues concerning PKC services please do contact me handerson@pkc.gov.uk or 01738 475039