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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022


“A Voice for the People”

A lexicon of modern day management speak would feature glib terms like partnering, reaching out and engaging, there would be a place too for the current practise of assigned personal ownership to high street stores and telecommunications companies so we have Your M&S and My BT. What is undeniable though is that Abernethy Community Council is Yours and while we might not be in a position to partner we do want to reach out and engage with the community: the trouble is we often feel ill equipped to represent the views of the community when so few take time to come to our meetings. We have a good example of this at the moment in that within our local area there are potentially three separate wind turbine or wind farm proposals to consider and while the Community Council members will objectively and fairly assess each pro- posal we lack any sense as to how the community as a whole might view these developments.

Recognising that not everyone can make the meetings, various members of the Community Council have been proactive in turning up at some of the clubs and gathering that take place in the village, both to summarise the more recent workings of the Community Council but also listen to issues and ideas of villagers. Most on the Community Council have day jobs to do so this is not something that can be undertaken on a regular basis, this is a gentle reminder that Your Community Council meets at 7.30pm the third Wednesday of the month in Abernethy School; it would be comforting to know that when we are required to take a position or provide an opinion on emotive topics like wind turbines we do so based on the consensus view of residents.

Colin Morrison Chairperson

Dates of Meetings –Wednesday Evenings, 7.30pm. Venue: Primary School Abernethy
December – No meeting.


January 22nd
February 26
March 19th
April 23
May 21st – This will be the AGM
June 18
July – No meeting