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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022

MARCH 2012

As we write this Community Council update in the depths of January we find that there is not too much to report on our activities, mainly because there was no meeting in December, and we are just getting started for 2012. However, we can report that there are two major activities now active through Perth & Kinross Council that have an effect on Abernethy.

The first is the review of the Abernethy Conservation Area, which was on display at the Williamson Hall from January 23 – 25th, where we hope that many of you had the opportunity to review it. Also coming to fruition soon, will be the Perth & Kinross Local Area Plan, detailing proposed development throughout the region. Again there will be local opportunities to review and comment on this, so watch out for announcements in local press and on village notice boards.

As work is about to start on the Primary School extension, we have had to vacate the school hall and move our meetings to the Pavilion by the tennis courts in Powrie Park. Dates as shown at the end of this article, it is a public meeting, so please come and join us and contribute.

One final item of note, which some of you may already be aware of, is that the Olympic Torch will be passing through Abernethy on its way to the 2012 event in London. We are trying to find out exact timings and route, as well as who will be carrying it, but we believe it will be passing through on June 12th. This will be an opportunity to show off the village, so all (sensible) suggestions welcome on this one!

Dates for future meetings – all start at 7:30pm