Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022



With a month between preparation of the Community Council update and publication in the Crier, interven- ing events have a habit of contradicting the status of key topics currently under discussion or consideration at the community council so this update is set against that backdrop:

Village parking proposals -

after an encouraging start, progress has ground to a halt in that five months after the initial meeting we still await PKC’s proposals for the possible introduction of hatching in three small areas of the Square that is designed to ensure free passage and movement of vehicles and reduce the likelihood of inappropriate or inconsiderate parking. After repeated requests for update, we have triggered the complaints process with PKC in an effort to elicit speedy production of the proposal, after that PKC will present their ideas either at a future community council meeting or an on site meeting.

Main Issues Report -

for anyone not familiar with the terminology this is PKC’s five year plan that sets out broad development proposals for the region. Our interest in this is acute in that several areas around Abernethy and Aberargie have been suggested for future and significant development. PKC have given no firm date for issue but on publication of the consultation document we will devote the following community council meeting to discussion of the proposals and development of a community response. Once we have that date we will post an update on the village website, Facebook and the notice boards.

Binn Wind Farm –

through our participation in the Binn Wind Farm Community Liaison Group we know discussions regarding routing of an underground cable from the wind farm site to the Abernethy Sub-station are still ongoing, given the topography and bed rock depth this will be a tricky and costly undertaking but far preferable to unsightly over ground cabling and the associated poles. At the last Liaison Group meeting the community council signed a pre-agreement that sets out the general terms of reference for the future establishment of a community benefit fund that will accrue during the lifetime of the wind farm.

And finally but most importantly:

those familiar with the Community Council election outcome will know there have been a number of changes recently but none so significant as the retirement of Ann Sangster as Abernethy Community Council Secretary after twenty-five years service with an unrivalled 100% attendance record. During that time Ann has seen off many a community council chairman, been the scourge of petty bureaucrats, bane to those blighting the lives of others and a fount of knowledge for anyone looking to navigate the seemingly impenetrable layers of local authority legislation and process. Never one to avoid controversy or confrontation in trying to effect the most appropriate outcome for the community, Ann’s heart has always been in the right place and the community council will be the poorer through her retirement. That said and with Ann now at the other side of the table, we expect to be regularly brought to task through Ann’s robust challenge of future community council business.

Colin Morrison