Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Since our last update, our Vice Chairman, Simon Downes has stepped down, as work has taken him north to Nairn where he has taken up the position of General Manager of the Golf View Hotel. We wish Simon well in his new venture and thank him for his input while on the Council. Colin Morrison has taken on the position of Vice Chairman.

This now leaves us with two vacancies on the Community Council and we would be pleased to hear from any residents in Abernethy & District who would like to join the Community Council and get involved.  We have 10 monthly meetings per year (none in July or December), so if you feel you could make a difference, and would like to contribute to the local community please contact us on abernethycommunitycouncil@pkc.gov.uk

Meetings are currently being held in the Cree’s Dining Room at 7:30pm on the dates shown at the end of this article.

Our regular Community involvement police officer Euan Mitchell has transferred to Auchterarder, and has replacement is PC Jim Pentley, who can be contacted on 0300 111 2222,  if you have any local matters that need some Police attention.

The big development under discussion in the area is the construction of a wind farm in the Binn Farm locality. This will consist of between 3 and 5 turbines producing some 2.5megawatts each. Many of you attended a public information meeting on the matter in the Mason’s Hall back on 23rd November.

Following input at this meeting, a further revised plan and event will be available in early June, so watch out for information on the notice boards about this event.

As well as generating electricity, these turbine will contribute to a Community Fund (shared between us and three other affected Community Councils), which we hope will allow funding of important local projects once the turbines are in operation, probably in about two years from now.

Finally we are pleased to say that the Community Council minutes are now available to be read on our website: - www.abernethyvillage.co.uk, if you have any items you wish to be included on the website, please submit them to news@abernethyvillage.co.uk

Remember if you want become involved in your local Community Council contact us on abernethycommunitycouncil@pkc.gov.uk

Community Council Meetings for the remainder of 2013

May 23rd   June 20th      No meeting in July   August 22nd   September19th    October 24th    November 21st                            No meeting in December