Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


After a late summer/early Autumn recess through holidays and the referendum, the Community Council sat at the end of October and despite the hiatus there was remarkably little new business so the proceedings were more update of earlier topics. Towards the top of the list was a progress update with regard to repairing the flag pole, restoring the weather vane and replacing the illumination of our Round Tower, a big draw for the village but a three year, long running saga mired by budgetary, health and safety, and responsibility issues. With constant pressure applied by one particular CC member we hope the centrepiece of the village will shortly be restored to its full glory.

In the last Crier edition we were pleased to announce the closure of the landfill site, mostly through in- creased household recycling but also changes to landfill taxes and the current economic environment. The SITA representative outlined proposals for capping off and restoring the site but with landfill gas still natu- rally produced for up to twenty years post abandonment we await the next Binn Farm Community Liaison Group to hear more definite proposals as to how this will be monitored and controlled.

Also in the same area we have the wind farm propos- als which were recently outlined and displayed in a public exhibition in the Masonic Hall. While the turbines will not be visible from the village they will be when travelling over to Glentarkie, it looks likely too that the power lines with come down the Glen to the village. As with all such projects there is a sweetener in the shape of a community fund. Community Council members will be fighting to ensure we get a fair share of that pot as the community most obviously affected by the development.

The introduction of a temporary diversion on the Baiglie straight heralds the creation of the first of two roundabouts associated with the Oudenarde development, we understand this will be used for access to some show houses that are to be built adjacent to the road on the Oudenarde side and on the opposite side future light industrial units. Strange how something simple like a roundabout can change the feel of a place but there already seems a more suburban feel when leaving the motorway.

Finally and with winter just around the corner, the last two years have seen scant snow in the village and without tempting fate we would like to remind everyone that there are many villagers less able to salt steps and clear away snow so spare a thought for your neighbour when you wake in the morning on Christmas day to a winter wonderland.

Colin Morrison