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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022

JUNE 2015

With one big election now in the past, there remains another later this year: the election of volunteers to serve on the community council to represent Abernethy and District. All positions on the community council will be up for election, I would make specific mention of the need to have a representative from Aberargie. At the time of the last election we came perilously close to failing to have a quorum so PKC rules would have prevented formation of the community council, this would have been disastrous as we would have no community voice or influence on any planning application or development. We need to avoid this at all costs so we would encourage anyone considering serving on the council to make an application later in the year, I would be happy to talk confidentially to anyone considering the idea about what a community councillor entails.     

After a quieter period during the winter months, community council business has picked up with more advanced discussions on the creation of a community benefit fund arising from the proposed wind-farm at the Binn Eco Park, there has been further talk of a solar park development somewhere within our area and calls for input into the local development plan which influences area development in the coming years. We were glad to see Police Scotland presence at the last two meetings, this provides a face to face opportunity to discuss the problems of speeding through the village but also more thorny issues such as parking in the square.     

And finally, many people have mentioned the tulips growing in the verge at either end of Aberargie so many thanks to the mystery gardener who planted the bulbs last year as they were a beautiful display in April.    

Colin Morrison