Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


On Thursday, January the 19th there was a Community Council election and this time it was a postal ballot, I am sure you all received a voting form and pre-paid envelope through the post.

I am pretty sure this is the first time a Community Council election in Abernethy and District has been conducted in this manner.

The number of people eligible to vote in the ward was 1450, the turnout was 504, in other words 35% of the voting population turned out. This was an excellent show as in the past you were lucky if 50 turned up to cast their votes. So well done the folk of Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron.

Just to remind you of the Candidates and the number of votes cast…..

Eric Brownsmith   65

Linda Buchan      332    Elected

Michael Cairns    286    Elected

Dougie Cleeton   191   

Griff Griffiths      134

Duncan Kennedy 260    Elected

Angus McIntyre  363     Elected

Bruce McNaughton 323  Elected

These councillors will take their place alongside the existing councillors, Jimmy Swan, Dona Gillespie and Peter Glennie and by the time you read this article the first meeting of the new Council will have taken place and all Office Bearers will have been sworn in, I hope. More inside. It was decided by the last sitting Council to divide up the responsibilities to try and ease the burden and hopefully make the job of being a Community Councillor an enjoyable one.

They were split up as follows……

Signage, Transport, Village Maintenance, Treasurer, Planning, Policing, Secretary, General Information and  Liaison with other community groups.

It is hoped these positions can be filled quickly and the business of being the ears and eyes of the villages gets off to a flying start.

So please support the Community Council in any way you can and let’s try to make our villages wonderful places tae bide in.



The meeting on Thursday February 9th was the first meeting of the new Community Council and the business of appointing Office Bearers was carried out.

Councillor Baird took the chair and the following members were voted in to office.

Jimmy Swan……Chairperson

Bruce MacNaughton……Vice Chairperson

Secretary……Linda Buchan

Treasurer……Donna Gillespie

The rest of the evening was given over to discussing Public Transport.  Representatives from PKC and Stagecoach were present. The meeting went well with many questions being asked from those in attendance.

There is unlikely to be much change to bus services but both the Council and Stagecoach are going to review the points raised with a view to perhaps tweaking the timetable. Margaret Roy PKC agreed to approach the head teacher of Perth High to raise concerns about the behaviour of children on the school buses. Adults also have to take some responsibility for their children’s behaviour.

It was agreed to try and move the Community Council meeting to the last Thursday of the month subject to the Mason's hall being available.

There was no other business.

                    Bruce MacNaughton  Vice Chair