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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


It was a night of surprises at the Scouts barbecue when the leaders of the 66 Abernethy Scouts met in the wet part of early June. Initially, the guests were tipped off this would be a special occasion by the appearance of a guest chef flown in from Northern Ireland, and the observation that at least one of the leaders wasn't in a St Johnstone kit. Many of the invited guests relaxed as burgers, not hi-vis jackets, were handed out.  Everyone relaxed as the prospect of a night scraping moss off the pavilion roof receded.

It was against this background that Chris Kirk, the Deputy District Commissioner for Perth and Kinross, and Hilary Kirk, the District Assistant Commissioner (Adult Training) stepped forward to present awards to Gordon Miller and Jim Cook. Gordon received the Higher Award for Merit, and Jim the Chief Scouts Commendation for Good Service. These awards are recognition of the superb work these two have put into the Scout movement in Abernethy over 13 and 8 years respectively. Whilst Scouting in Abernethy celebrates its 100 years this year, the efforts of today’s leaders across all the sections are greatly appreciated by everyone involved and the wide community. On the night, there were modest speeches, generous applause and the pair’s burgers were upgraded to VIP brioche buns.

Jim Cook receives his award from Chris Kirk

Gordon Miller receives his award from Chris Kirk