Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Since the last edition of the Crier, the Cubs have been involved in some significant fundraising and our senior Cubs enjoyed an Outdoor Activities Day at Megginch Camp Site near Muthil.

The Fundraising came out of a discussion initiated by the Cubs on what they could do to help some of the children and people in Ukraine. Over the course of  20 minutes, we chose an activity, a venue, a pricing policy and agreed on ways to promote the event.

We had decided to simply buy some doughnuts, set up a stall and offer them for sale to residents of the village and this is what was posted on Facebook that evening. However, a tsunami of support, help and goodwill immediately came from across the village and beyond.  By the time the Saturday came along, we had not only our doughnuts, but countless donations of cakes, scones, shortbread, brownies, muffins, candy floss, rocky road and millionaire’s shortbread.  The food stall was complemented by stalls of plants, books, toys and household items as well as a well-supported raffle.

The turnout from the village was phenomenal and the Cubs had to work extremely hard to keep up with the demand from customers. It really was so heartening to see how this village is so ready and able to turn up and help for a cause so far away, yet so worryingly close.

We had several local businesses offering goods and support, including R&S Disco Dome, Michelle Wilson and Balgowan Bakes.

We also had cash donations from the Abernethy Masonic Lodge, the Burns Club of Abernethy, Scotia Cabins, the Bloom Emporium  as well as others very generously handing in cash left, right and centre.  It was really rewarding to witness, but very difficult to keep a track of, so please accept my apologies if I have missed out anyone and please let me know so that I can thank you properly. I would also like to specifically mention Reid and Heather Martin and Liz Duff for going that extra mile to help out, as well as the Cub leaders and parents who gave up their time and energies to help this event come together.

I can officially announce that we made a grand total of £1660 for the Red Cross Ukraine appeal.

A few weeks later, we took our Senior Cubs to an Activity Day.  This involved learning how to erect and strike different types of tents, cooking their lunch on camping stoves, orienteering, six-figure grid references, making their own burgers and campfire pizzas and cooking them over on open fire and guddling about in a burn. What’s not to love about that? It was a long, challenging, but rewarding day and it provided a fitting farewell to our older Cubs as they continue their journey into Scouts.

Finally, we are looking forward to Cub Camp in June.  This will be three years since our last camp and the leaders have really missed the chance to sleep on the ground and look after 24 children who wake up at 6am because “it’s too light to sleep”.  Wish us luck!

Jim Cook, Abernethy Cub Leader.