Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


After the disappointment of the second lock down between January and March and although there are still Covid restrictions (April 2021) Beavers, Cubs and Scouts all managed to start meeting again after the Easter holidays. The Scout group and Leaders were delighted to be able to start back and hope that this time we can ease into the new normal without the need for any further lockdown measures. The one thing that we have learnt over the lock downs, was just how much enjoyment that the kids have had from scouting and it is refreshing for the Leaders to realise that all their hard work has a real positive impact, with the Scouts learning essential life skills in communication, problem solving, teamworking and leadership to name a few.

At the end of April, Abernethy Beavers and Cubs met Perth Police Officers PC Alana Brown and PC Aitkenhead, who took time to visit the group from their busy late shift. As well as showing them all the equipment they carried and explaining what their job entails in the community, they answered numerous questions, which ranged from “Have you ever been scared?” to “Where is your gun?” and “Do you use your radio to order beer and donuts?”. The object of the Beavers and Cubs meeting the Officers was not only to learn about policing in their community but to let the kids realise that the Police are approachable and not to fear them, and by some of their questions I think it is safe to say we met our objective.

Left Abernethy Beavers with PC Alana Brown and PC Neil Aitkenhead
Due to the Covid restriction in April we could only meet in groups up to a maximum of 15, so this resulted in the Cubs and Scouts needing to be run as two separate groups on the nights they met. Again, the Leaders embraced this and ensured it ran smoothly, assuring that the groups complied to all the Covid rules and guidance.

Half gf Abernethy Cubs meet PC Aitkenhead                                                        Abernethy Cubs meet PC Alana Brown

We now have 22 Scouts with numbers due to increase again after the summer with the Scout group almost again at capacity, which again is testament to the leaders who have worked tirelessly to provide an exciting outdoor programme whilst staying within the boundaries of the covid restrictions.

Another of the challenges that the Scouts have is with their age group being 10 ½ to 14 years of age and with all over 12’s needing to socially distance we’ve needed to try and have the whole Scout Troop socially distancing whenever we can as its impracticable to have over 12s socially distancing and under 12s not. However, the Scouts have taken it in their stride as can be seen left.

During the last few months, we have used the opportunity of lockdown to continue with some of the maintenance work in the Pavilion and in addition we looked to improve the car park area outside so we could have additional parking to cope with the increasing popularity of the groups and park use.

The other half of the Scouts enjoy a game of basketball on a lovely spring evening on their return to regular meetings.

Grading work is carried out with the bottoming that was dug out from previous work at the pavilion being spread. The car park is now able to hold 20 cars.

Thanks go to Joe McLaren (AKA Uncle Ali) below for all his efforts and patience in helping to construct a temporary shelter at the pavilion for the Scout groups to use whenever there is heavy rain, as indoors the groups are very limited in what they can do because of Covid restrictions. It took several hours to construct a temporary shelter that can go up and down quickly. Since retiring, Joe’s wife Irene , usually demands that he spends all his time with her, so thanks go to Irene for releasing him for the day to help with the pavilion work. Right is the temporary shelter which will help keep the rain off. Hopefully we will not require it but in true scouting fashion “Be Prepared”.