Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


New Leaders

Abernethy Scout group has continued to go from strength to strength with the Beaver Lodge currently having 16 Beavers, the Cub Pack having 18 Cubs and the Scout Troop also having 18 Scouts. We now have children joining our group at 6 years of age and we are able to offer them the opportunity to remain in the group until they are 14 years old. In keeping with the growing numbers, our leadership team continues to develop with four new Leaders joining our existing team; Nicola Coulter and Kate Baird who are now assisting with the Beavers and Ian Craig and Ian McLaughlin who are now assisting with the Cubs.


Building Improvements

Work to improve the Pavilion continues and is being driven forward by the current Scout Committee under the watchful eye of our chairperson Brian Stewart whose experience and insight into the building trade have been invaluable, some might even say he’s a Saint but that’s enough about his secret love of his local football team.

Further funding was secured to tar the front of the pavilion which now provides an excellent outdoor area, and we now have picnic benches within that area along with a BBQ.

Pictured above are ASAP Contracts who carried out the work and as always left an excellent job, which we are all delighted with. It’s quite fitting that the Walkers are ex-Abernethy Cubs themselves.

We are hopeful that we will have the west side of the pavilion adjoining the car park slabbed in the next few months and protective bollards installed to protect the pedestrians on the walkway from cars parking or dropping off Pavilion or park users. This work is in the planning stage and will hopefully be carried out by the Community Payback team at the start of March.

The Pavilion is very much a community asset and is now used every day of the working week by various groups and organisations with over 100 children using the facilities on a weekly basis. Thanks to all who take the time to support these various organisations.

Summer Trip

Scouts have enjoyed camping at various locations throughout the years, however last year we thought we would try something a little different and hired a Narrow Boat for a week. While planning the trip we realised that the Shropshire Canal ran close to Chester Zoo, so why not take the boat to the zoo?

We hired a boat called River Dance which was 69 feet long and although not quite an oil tanker, we still had the odd scary moment when we were frantically trying to get the boat to slow down and turn. So off we set from Bunbury in Cheshire, negotiating the locks and enjoying the countryside along the way, and what a pleasant way it is to enjoy the countryside, bumbling along at 4mph.

The Scouts all took turns to pilot the boat, work the locks, clean the boat, cook the meals and wash the dishes so it was an active break for all with plenty to do. During the trip the Scouts were also very conscious about water conservation and did their level best not to waste any water by having a shower, but they did eventually give in, probably down to the fact that they were starting to smell similar to the Rhino enclosure at the Zoo.

Pictured above left are Jim Cook, Ian Miller, Amie Robb, Mathew Sandler, Anna Smith, Iona Blues, Fraser Young, Hayley Young, Aron Robb and Jennifer Cook.

Pictured above right are the Scouts tucking into their tea, with Jude Tait running the galley and doing a wonderful job of keeping everyone fed and watered during the trip, in such a confined space.

The scouts enjoyed a day in Chester exploring the city, and had a very enjoyable walk round the walls with lots of history to explore, along with the odd ice cream shop.

So after six hours and 290 miles in a minibus and 25 miles of canal and negotiating 18 locks, followed by a 20 minute walk, we made it to Chester Zoo where we had a fantastic day. The weather was excellent and the Zoo is one of the best in Europe. The only downside, if any, was that this was the halfway point and we had to do the return journey, but what a great adventure.

Cub Awards

The Gavin Robertson Memorial Trophy is awarded for the outstanding Cub of the term and it’s a fantastic way to honour Gavin who enjoyed his time as a Cub Leader.

Last term the Trophy was won by Jennifer Cook for being kind and helpful.   


Thanks go to all the leaders and the committee who continue to volunteer and ensure that the Abernethy Group is a continuing success.

Gordon Miller
Abernethy Group Scout Leader