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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Happy New year everyone.

I thought I would start by saying thank you to all our wonderful customers who are keeping us busy in what’s been our busiest January since I opened The Little Hair Company back in 2005.

I had a moment of thought and wondered what else I could talk about and well, I came up with Education.

Education is a massive passion of mine and I have been teaching hair now for over 15 years, and I have seen some incredible talent grow from people whom I have helped and taught over the years. It brings me to also say a big massive thank you to the team at the Crier who help me with my grammar and spelling because sadly I didn’t leave school with a glowing report or higher grades of any sort. I found my skill set was in the craft of hairdressing which I kind of fell into.

It was like a scene out of The Devil Wears Prada. Sixteen years old I walked through the doors of Charlie Taylor’s in Perth with my bedraggled half brushed hair; no fashion sense and not even knowing who was who within the industry. Charlie taught me well and I grew into the industry I love and now call family, and after 24 years I am still snipping away. I never intended to stay. I was going to be a zoologist and go back to university (who was I kidding?). I thought in order to be successful I needed to go to university and have a degree but this isn’t the case. Our industry is such a rewarding place to be, and some have even become so successful they jet all over the world styling big named celebrities. I have obtained my Master Colour Degree and there are fewer than 3000 of us with this qualification in the UK.

I am now an educator for one of the fastest growing hair product companies within these shores, Milkshake UK. As well as being a brand educator, I am also a VTCT educator and I am currently working on some events coming our way which I am really excited about but, I can’t share details just yet.

So, while our children are sitting their exams it’s good to remember that University isn’t the only option, and learning a craft is rewarding and so versatile if they don’t happen to get the grades they desire.

Maybe you’re bored and want a change of career or maybe, just maybe, there is a Vidal Sassoon within you ready to break out and get creative.

All the best for 2020