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Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Wow! what a very strange year this has been and now with Christmas approaching at breakneck speed it does make me wonder how we can try and make this year’s Christmas as good as possible and as “COVID talk” free as possible

Accepting that this year will be a little different makes me more determined to be positive. Our staff night out won’t be all glitz and glamour at a big hotel, it will be in the salon watching Christmas chronicles, with take away meals from the Village Inn and taxis on call so that nobody has to drive. I am thinking of getting someone to come and teach us how to make cocktails too, to liven things up. As a boss I am determined that we will still have a good night out, or should I say night in.

This year has seen our beauty salon change its name to Soul Therapies. We have created a lovely sensory room that is as stress free as possible for our counsellor who will be starting a service that I know, in the coming months, will be vital for the well being of many suffering from mental health conditions.

It makes us appreciate how local services, such as salons, pubs and cafes, are a life line for the vulnerable and the lonely. They are places to meet up, have a chat or just sit and watch the world go by.

As I am worrying about making sure that we have enough amazing products for Christmas it reminds me that there are those in the community who feel isolated because of the COVID restrictions and that they will feel even more so at Christmas with the cold winter months feeling even longer than usual. So I urge you to be that person, kind even through a muffled face mask, who is asking how someone is or who knocks on the neighbour’s window to check on them. This could make a little difference in someone’s life.

So as much as I could have used this article to plug our amazing Christmas stock or to show you the up and coming trends on party hair, what’s the point? Rather like Tesco selling sparkly tops in the clothing department for Christmas nights out. I feel this would be very optimistic of me, just as believing I’m going to hit the gin bars this Christmas would be.

The best gift anyone could give this year is the gift of kindness and looking out for one another so as this year ends let’s hope 2021 is kinder to us all. I’m being positive here when I say have a very merry Christmas from all of us here at the Little Hair Company and Soul Therapies.

Have a good one!!