Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Hello everyone from the Little Hair Company. I hope everyone is well and trying to survive the heat we have been having lately, some may find it enjoyable others I am sure unbearable. As a hairdresser who spends most of her life indoors I was worried I might combust in the sun like a little vampire so, yes, factor fifty was applied when I did enjoy time off up at the loch paddle boarding which is a new hobby I took up last year. It has been great fun.

The salon has been busy and lots of new faces have been in for consultations and strand tests which has been lovely.

It’s funny how many mistake busy with making money but with energy bills getting ridiculous, stock prices increasing and clients increasing the time in between appointments many salons have had no choice but to increase their prices to cover the cost or close the door. I was left heartbroken to hear that Vidal Sassoon’s closed the door; one of the Glasgow branches that have been on the go for 35 yeasr or so. So sad!

Others choosing to work smarter not harder which after COVID seemed like a great idea. Maybe not so much now when we are about to hit a recession unlike any other experienced In our life time.

Hair and Beauty are a luxury, a real treat but it can make a massive difference to people’s well being which makes me appreciate the job I do and how I view my profession. Many a time my husband has witnessed clients come in carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders only to then see them leave with a spring in their step and a smile on their faces. This means more to me than cash in the till ever will.

When someone tells you that they love their job we have to hold that in high regard. What makes someone who loves their job different to someone who says they like their job? Pure and simple is how that person is treated by the environment and the people they work for and with. We would never in a million years say “No but I like my wife or my husband” now would we? Our lives wouldn’t be worth living! It just doesn’t sound right does it. So when someone tells you that they love their job you know that they value it on the same level as a loved one and that is extremely rare and I am glad to be in a job which is regarded as one of the happiest Industries to work in.

So nostalgia aside what have we been up to? Well Milkshake have brought out some fab new toning shampoos which are so popular that Redhot the importer ran out. Thankfully the distributors now have it back in stock but it’s so popular one of the salons we deal with took 30 bottles just to be safe. Ice blond really does keep yellow brassy tones at bay. It’s a charcoal based shampoo which doesn’t leave the same type of residue as purple based shampoos Which is amazing for cool blondes. Equally we now have a cool brunette shampoo which helps keep unwanted red brassy tones at bay. The salon has had some new services. Our beauty therapist recently got married to Danny and had a lovely honeymoon in Bali. She is now back and is also doing make up which she is extremely experienced at. We have been getting some great feedback on this.

We are all excited about the mini arrivals that are due this year at the Little Hair Company, both Laura and Morgan are expecting and we are all thoroughly excited and cannot wait to meet these little bundles of joy. Morgan is due in August and Laura due in October. We have told both girls that when they come back to work Michelle and I will babysit while they do clients.

With another quarter gone who knows what the rest of summer will hold? So till the next time have a great summer.

Love from us all at the little hair company