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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022

MARCH 2010

So, Christmas is passed, the snow has gone, the children are back at school and this is article number 2 of my regular column for The Village Crier.  

My remit has changed slightly and is now to keep everyone up to date with what the Parent Council is doing, what the school are doing and how the community can get involved with the school as well as providing you with some school related dates for your diary.

The school wide project this term is India and the children are using various resources to look at the culture, religion, life style, environment, food and fashion of this fascinating, diverse and complex country.  The school is always looking for support in these projects so, if any of the community feel that they can help in any way (talking to the children, examples of Indian culture, experiences of India etc), please get in touch, either with me or the school direct, any help is much appreciated.     

As mentioned previously, the parent council is currently involved in the plans for extending the school.  We understand that the current situation with regards to the extension is that a report with recommendations for the extension and changes has been prepared by P&KC and will be presented to a School Estate Sub Committee for approval (probably in February).  If the proposal is agreed by the committee then Strategic Policy and Resources Committee approval will also be required, thereafter the whole governance framework springs into action with representatives from the parent and community council being asked to be part of the working group to fully develop the scheme.  I will try to keep the community up to speed via this regular column on how things are progressing.

Our Eco Committee is continuing in its quest to achieve Green Flag status which indicates a high standard of environmental awareness by the school staff and pupils as well as highlighting our school wide commitment to recycling, waste reduction, green travel and other environmental hot topics.

One area of this which requires further development is community inclusion and joint projects so, to this end, the Committee have organised for 'Rag Bag' to put a container into the village (at the school) for any unwanted clothing, please feel free to contribute  If you have anything you no longer want. The committee are also looking to gain an involvement with the Horticultural Society and a 'pruning group' has been discussed, details to be ironed out and revealed as soon as I have them.  Again, should you have any ideas or want to get involved please let me know or contact the school direct. 

As mentioned previously, I feel it is imperative that the parents and community have a voice and are aware of events and issues at the local school so please feel free to get in touch if you have any issues, questions or comments. (Contacts)