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1st December 2022

JUNE 2011

I am sitting at my computer with the kids watching the Royal Wedding, the builders drilling holes in the wall, the cat taking cover in the bedroom and a hot mug of tea in my hand (bliss!) so here goes with article number 5.  

As usual it is my aim to provide the Crier reading public with an update of Parent Council activities, what and how the school is doing, details of any changes and information

 on how the community can get involved with the school so here goes:

First, a huge thank you:

The Parent Council held a bingo tea on Friday the 25th March which was a roaring success, the turn out was absolutely amazing and the hall was filled with kids and adults all having a great time.  We got through 5 games of bingo and gave away some booze and chocolate eggs as prizes, we had the worlds’ largest raffle, huge thanks to all who donated prizes and the helpers on the night who helped to get the prizes to the masses and all who have let me know that they had a brilliant time and are asking when the next one will be.

I don’t know when the next Bingo Tea will be (some of us are still recovering) but I can confirm that we raised £521.00 for the school, which we are planning to spend on a range of new reading books which have been recommended to us and requested by Mrs Morrison.

Secondly this month, an update with some good news:

As mentioned previously, I on behalf of the Parent Council am involved in the plans for extending the school.  By the time you read this article there will already have been a drop in session to allow parents and neighbours of the school to review the plans which I am hoping you will all agree will make a huge difference to the education of our children both now and in the future.  The new school will be over twice the size of the current one with single stream classrooms and five extra rooms for use when the school needs them.

The proposal for the construction period, which is currently being estimated as a year, is to accommodate the whole school in a temporary modular school which will be constructed on the grassed area to the East.


The Parent Council AGM was held on 27th April 2011 to appoint the class representatives and Council members for the up coming year.  We had a good turn out this year and although not all who were there have signed up to the Council I was very happy to see the increase in support for what we are trying to do.

The Parent Council is the parents’ voice within the school and has direct links into all levels of the education sector within PKC as well as the obvious links into the school.  Mrs Morrison and her staff are very keen to involve the Parent Council in the running of the school and our views are sought regularly on all kinds of issues and topics.  

I would state again that if you are at all interested in being involved in the running of the school, the extension plans, fundraising, interaction with the new team and generally getting involved at any level please come along to Parent Council meetings, the more the merrier and you don’t have to be a member or even join the Council to attend the meetings.

The dates for future meetings will be posted in the usual places as part of the minutes from the AGM, I look forward to seeing as many people as possible at them. If you have read one of my articles before, you know that I feel it is imperative that the parents and community have a voice and are aware of events and issues at the local school.  With this in mind, please feel free to get in touch if you have any issues, questions or comments. The best way to contact me is via email and I have provided my address below along with the names of the other members of the Parent Council.

Me - Chris Meek (Chair) – chris.meek1@tesco.net

Parent Council Members 2011 / 2012 - Tim Dewhirst (Treasurer), Lynn Mitchell (Secretary), Kate Butler, Gordon Miller, Athole Skinner, Karen Jerrard-Dinn, Allan MacDonald, Fiona Duncan, Mo McCullie, Katie MacAleese, Claire Fairbairn and Scott Baird

Key dates for the school for June - Summer:

P7s Transition day to Secondary schools, 16th & 17th June,

P1 Induction Day, 17th June,

Sports Day Tuesday 21st June,

End of term / leavers service, Friday 1st July 10am.

Lastly, a personal appeal:

As mentioned in my last article my wife and eldest daughter had a very near miss on the pedestrian crossing on the main road through the village.  They were almost knocked down by a car that pulled out and overtook a stationary gritter lorry as they crossed in front of it.  The driver has now been spoken to by the police.  

I have continued my conversations with the Community Council members about the crossing and they are looking for support to get the Council to change the crossing to one with traffic lights.  

In my last article I asked for information on near misses on the crossing but disappointingly I have only received a few replies. The school have agreed get involved and will be completing a project on speeds and traffic within the village to build an argument for a change to the crossing but all help is appreciated and vital to the cause.

I know that more people have had near misses or incidents at the crossing and guarantee that this will continue until an actual accident occurs and somebody gets hurt if we don’t get this changed now.  If you are aware of any incident PLEASE email me chris.meek1@tesco.net or call me on 01738 850999 and I will do my very best to make a difference in this case.

If we can provide PKC and the police with evidence that one day there will be more than a near miss at this crossing then maybe we can get them to make it safe before it happens.