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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022

Flora the foal was born at the end of June and she was a tiny fragile looking little creature. Now she is  four months old and is a lot bigger and sturdier.

She is full of fun and energy which gets her into trouble.

Her first big outing from her field happened in September when she was taken a walk round the stubble fields.  Imogen rode Mac at the front to be a steadying influence.  Kirstie rode Bella for the first time since Bella became a mum and Flora was led at her side. When we reached the wide expanse of stubble Flora was unclipped and she had a great time running and leaping and kicking her long legs in the air. Watching Flora’s antics made Bella excited too so we turned for home along the track back up to Station Road. Flora came fleeing over the field, bounced onto the track, bounced over the other side and DISAPPEARED!

We stood transfixed by horror as we realised there was a water filled ditch hidden in the undergrowth at the side of the track. Allistair ran and grabbed Flora’s head as her little muddy figure struggled out onto dry land and stood drooping and bewildered next to her mum.

She had come to no harm but  is now very careful of any ditch or step deeper than 6 inches and cautious of vegetation  at the side of fields.

The next adventure was when Kirstie had a phone call at 8am to say that Flora was out of her field and on Station Road.

She had caught herself up in the plastic poles and tape that divide the field in half. She must have thought a monster was pursuing her and her terror had enabled her to jump the wall out of the field. The fence had become caught up on a bush and Flora was now trying to work herself up to jump back into the field.

All Kirstie’s good training came into use as frightened little Flora allowed herself to be caught and led back into the field and a reunion with her distraught mum.

She was none the worse but for a few scratches but our nerves are in shreds.


Flora is growing well and strong but the farrier thought her legs splayed out a bit at the back. He could build up acrylic shoes on her back feet which would encourage her legs to straighten out. These would work better if she spent time on a hard surface. We took the boys, Charlie and Mac to the small field on Perth Road and the farrier came to Clunie St. Flora was very good about balancing on three legs while each shoe was built up and then she and her Mum, Bella stayed together. All went well for the first 24 hours.

We were all going to bed the next night when we were woken; Kirstie by a bang on the door and us by a phone call. Bella and Flora were running along Perth Road! Coats and wellies were grabbed and we all shot out. Steven found the ponies first on the road and steered them up Midfield and went back for Kirstie and the headcollars. They found the ponies up the track. Bella and Flora were extremely glad to see Kirstie and be re-united with Mac and Charlie who had heard them and were very excited.

The police had been called but were re-assured that all was well.

We found where the ponies had escaped but a change of plan was needed. Mac stayed with Bella and Flora and Charlie went up the hill to Craiglinn to stay with his pals Claire and Smokey. By the time you read this all should be back to nor- mal and the horses all back together.

I just want to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who called on that very frightening night when the ponies escaped.

We still have palpitations when we think about it.