Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Three village riders and four village ponies were rewarded for all their hard work with their ponies in2013. They left the mud for the AGM of the Tayside Branch of the Scottish Endurance Riding Club on Wednesday, 4 th  February. The youngest competitor, Imogen Graham (11) won the Novice Horse Trophy for her first season with Fenella. She won the Native Pony Trophy as Fenella is a pure –bred Connemara and also a rosette for completing 500km in Endurance rides. There are junior classes but Imogen was competing against adults for these trophies.

Imogen’s Mum, Kirstie Graham won the Veteran Horse Trophy and the Highest Mileage (in one season) and her 3,500km rosette with her Arab/Welsh pony Arabelle. Kirstie said, “I am really thrilled because Arabelle won the Highest Mileage trophy in 2006 and now she has had a break to have a foal and come back to win it again.”

Anne McDonald Scott has her mantelpiece piled high with trophies from her two competition horses. Her pure bred Arab, Smokey, was placed in the Highest Mileage category and Claire de Lune(age 21) won the Super Veteran Trophy as well as two others and gained her 1500km rosette.

These mileages are mostly achieved at a trot or a canter because there is no time to hang around. There are regular vet inspections to take care of the horses’ welfare. In competitions no whips are carried so if the horse has had enough it will refuse to leave the venue. These winning ponies love the excitement and eagerly leave the venue with their ears pricked forward enjoying the adventure.