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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Abernethy residents may remember the 27th June, 2011 at 7.30am when Flora was born in the pony field at Station Road.

She was very tiny and you have read some of her adventures in the Crier as she has grown up. Her mother, Bella, is a long  distance pony. She has been Scottish Endurance Champion and in 2009 she won the National 160km ride at the Dukeries in England by completing 100 miles in one day.

Flora has started to follow in her mother’s hoof prints. In 2017 she had her first ride of 18km with her mother for company and then another with Fennela. In 2018 she did 8 rides of between 20-25km by herself as well as enjoying learning to jump.

2019 has seen her start her novice Year in Endurance and she is discovering new experiences all the time on rides of 30km.

The wind was blowing hard on the beach near Dunbar which took some getting used to.

River crossings have to be negotiated.

After all this she has to trot up nicely for the vet and stand to have her heart rate taken by the vet.

So if you see her round the village wish her good luck with everything she is learning. The pony field at Station Road is having a summer rest but when she is back there you can say hello to her and she will always appreciate an apple or a carrot. Seeing all the children and bikes and buggies is all a useful part of her training.