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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022

JUNE 2011

The AGM of the Williamson Hall Management Committee was held recently. The Chairman reported on the progress of the refurbishment, double glazed windows in kitchen and anteroom, more efficient radiators, new inner door and painting of the outside of the hall..

  Latest purchase for the kitchen is crockery and cutlery for 100 and a super fast dishwasher. This will be of great benefit to those holding functions where food is served.  Bookings continue to increase particularly for social events. Thanks were expressed to all those who gave of their time freely to help with the management of the hall.  Thanks in particular to Jill Young whose has completed her term of office and is not seeking re-election and to Andrea Dewar booking Secretary,

 Office Bearers  elected Chair, Kathleen Baird, Secretary Elizabeth Taylor, Treasurer Gail Meek, Booking Secretary Andrea Dewar.

The Management Committee would like to  co opt someone whose role would be to look after the Bricks and mortar of the hall.   Ideally someone who has time during the day to liaise with tradesmen when necessary . If interested please call Kathleen 01337840218 or email cluniefarm @aol.com for  more info .


Following the AGM  a healthy discussion took place  regarding GALA 2011 . This led to discussion regarding fundraising in the village. It was evident that most organisations are seeking funding and it is becoming ever more difficult, particularly for those who have buildings to maintain ie The Hall and the pavilion.   Everyone agreed that Gala week was good for the village , the community came together and had a good time and raised money for  the hall.

 The organising of this event is immense and trying to muster help on the day is difficult. The committee was very grateful to those who have supplied tractors trailers etc over many years and the willing hands who do help on the day.

 The Gala Committee is a sub committee of Williamson Hall Management Committee .

  It was suggested that other organisations should get a share of Gala profits , those organisations who provide stalls keep their profit, various suggestions on this theme were aired.

The Tower singers, have organised the Walking Treasure Hunt and Car Treasure Hunt, The Bowling Club the bowling event and Playgroup the Disco and they are happy to continue.

Gala day is a different matter. After a lengthy discussion, no one present was willing to organise  and take responsibility for Gala Day .It was decided that there would not be Gala Day in 2011.

Fundraising will be discussed at the next Williamson Hall Meeting on Monday 28th March at 7 30pm at the Williamson Hall.

                                         Kathleen Baird