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31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


1960 was the year that saw the first airing of the “Flintstones” and “Coronation Street”,  notable advances in technology with the invention of the Laser and Heart Pacemaker, introduction of the birth control pill, Elvis had a No 1 hit with “It's now or never”, the first Doc Marten boots were produced and Abernethy had it's first ever Gala!

So this year sees Gala reach it's 50th birthday.  A fantastic milestone and achievement to all who have been involved over the years.  A 50th birthday should not go by without celebration and we would very much like to make this Gala extra special.  

Gala day itself is on Saturday 5th June with the weeks events taking place as last year:

Wednesday - Car Treasure hunt,

Thursday     – Bowling Night,

Friday         – Kids Discos  

Sunday        – Church Service & Hill Race).

If you have a business you would like to promote or items to sell why not book a stall and let the people of Abernethy know about your venture.  In the main arena we all want to see an attraction that grabs our attention, something different and exciting, maybe you've seen something at a similar event or just have some great suggestions, if so let us know all about it.  The traditional Pet Show will sadly no longer be run by Ian Gerrard, if you have an interest in or work with animals and would like to run this event then again let us know - thank you Ian for your many years commitment and support.  The burger stall was absent at last year's event as we had no one to arrange and manage the stall, so if you have that summer desire to put on your apron and get your tongs out then again we would appreciate your help.

In order for us to make this year “extra special” we need extra hands.  The current committee of 2 people cannot possibly do all the arrangements themselves therefore we are putting out this plea to anyone who would like to join us and help out – it is so rewarding seeing all the hard work come together and the people of the village coming together to raise money for the upkeep of the ever popular Williamson Hall.  Also the current 2 members will be standing down after this year's event so new members coming on board will ensure the Gala continues for many years to come (the next 50 years maybe but probably not with the same committee!).

Finally, many hands make light work when it comes to setting up the park on the Saturday, so why not drop by and help put up a gazebo or two, we meet at the park at 9.30am.

For your suggestions, offers of help, to book a stall or just simply for further information please contact Andrea Dewar 01738 850960 or andrea.dewar@talktalk.net or you can come along to the next meeting on Monday 29th March, 7.30pm at the Williamson Hall.