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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022



Those who attended the 'Better Place to Live' fair in the Williamson Hall on March 24 will probably have noticed a display advertising the Tay Landscape Part- nership (TLP).

The TLP is basically a partnership between the P&K Countryside Trust and the P&K Heritage Trust, with built-in representation for Tay Salmon Fisheries as well as for the local communities in both the Carse of Gowrie and Abernethy. 2012 is the (funded) development year for the TLP project, and the intention is to submit a major bid for Heritage Lottery Funding early in 2013.

It has long been recognised that the Tay estuary is an underused resource, and this project offers us the chance to do something about that. Conserving or restoring buildings and natural heritage, as well as improving access (e.g.) to the river itself, are important aims. Developing the profile of the area will encourage more active involvement by locals and tourists alike in the landscape.

In this regard, both Abernethy Community Council and the Museum of Abernethy are keen to raise the awareness of the enormous historical importance of our village, and would therefore like to see more interpretation boards, not to mention generally improved highway signage to indicate the existence of the village to non-locals. The Community Council has already submitted a summary proposal along those lines. However, the TLP is looking for suggestions not just from official bodies but from anyone with an idea (or two). Other projects already being considered include:

The above are large-scale, but of course local input is essential in order to provide appropriate detail—that is, what is practical—and in any case smaller projects will also be included.

Projects particular to Abernethy are being sought, but in order to take advantage of the eventual bid we as a community need to tell the TLP team what we would like to see included.

Since it is vital to the success of the project that local communities are consulted and participate as much as possible, the next stage will involve community meetings. For us in Abernethy this will be on June 21st, between 7 and 9 p.m., when the scheduled Community Council meeting will be given over to a full presentation of the TLP plans as they stand, with the chance for everyone to discuss possibilities, propose projects large or small and ask questions—or just to listen. This meeting will be in the Masonic Hall. It provides a rare opportunity to have our say on im- proving the 'knowledge, access and enjoyment' of the Tay estuary in general and of the Abernethy area in particular, not to mention boosting the local economy! A large turnout is hoped for.

If you are unable to make this meeting but would like to contribute, there will be an online survey available through a link on www.taylp.org

For further information visit the website: www.taylp.org or contact Johanna Babbs, Development Officer, tel: 01738 475379. Project ideas can be submitted directly to The TLP as above, or via abernethycommunitycouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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