Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


Farm Security

Over the past few weeks there have been a number of thefts from rural farm properties in the Bridge of Earn and Kinrossshire areas.

Farm and plant machinery is very attractive to thieves due to its high value and is routinely reported stolen from farms, building sites and other rural locations.  Where possible such machinery should be kept out of view and locked away when not in use.  Consideration should also be given to property marking and ensure that all keys are kept in a separate location.

Vehicles such as quad bikes, motor bikes and other 4x4 vehicles are also often subject to thefts.  It is advisable to keep such vehicles locked away when not in use.  These vehicles should be kept close to occupied farm buildings where practical. 

The majority of tools used on farms can easily be lifted and placed within a vehicle, and may not be missed for some time after a crime has taken place.  All tools should be property marked, not left lying about and it is also advisable to keep an inventory of tools which can be used for insurance purposes. 

Fuel tanks are another regular target for thieves and must be kept locked, especially where located in remote position.

Annual After Dark Campaign

During mid-October there were a series of break-ins in the Bridge of Earn and Newburgh areas.  With this in mind we are once again appealing to members of the public to heed the home security and crime prevention advice given as part of our annual After Dark Campaign.

As winter sets in residents are being warned that criminals start to capitalise on the shorter days.  With the prolonged hours of darkness, comes the increased activity of opportunist thieves.  After Dark is aimed at promoting home security and allowing people to feel safe in their own homes during the long winter nights.

Traditionally, the number of break-ins goes up during the darker nights and we are hoping homeowners will take every step possible to reduce their chances of becoming victims of crime, by following the crime prevention steps promoted through Operation After Dark.

Over the last few weeks officers will have been carrying out high profile foot and mobile patrols in all parts of Tayside, aimed at preventing the number of house break-ins, and After Dark information cards will be available with advice on simple safety measures to try and combat the criminals.

Top After Dark crime prevention tips include:

· Lock ALL doors, windows, gates, sheds, garages and other outbuildings.

· Put away garden tools and ladders.

· Install an intruder alarm AND REMEMBER TO USE IT.

· Set blinds and curtains to deter “window shopping” – this includes sheds as well.

· Mark valuables with your postcode and house number.

· Get timers for internal lights if you are out in the evenings.

· Fit or check external security lights.

· Finally, be a good neighbour. If you see something suspicious, contact the police immediately!

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch (NW) is a community led initiative to bring groups of local people together to address local crime and other community issues. Successful Neighbourhood Watch requires a close liaison between households in a neighbourhood, the local police and the local authority.

Neighbourhood Watches can be large, covering most of the households on an estate, or they might involve just a few houses.  They may meet frequently, or only keep in touch via e-mail.   There really is no 'One size fits all' approach to Neighbourhood Watch.

What are the benefits of Neighbourhood Watch?

Mobile Community Office

Weather permitting the Mobile Community Office service will be available in Abernethy on the following dates:

Tuesday 22nd November   0900-1200

Wednesday 14th December  1300-1600

Local Community Officer Euan Mitchell can be contacted at Bridge of Earn Police Office, by telephone on 0300 111 2222, by email on euan.mitchell@tayside.pnn.police.uk or by Twitter on @BridgeOfEarnPC.  Alternatively you can anonymously contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to provide information relating to criminal activity of any sort.

PC Euan Mitchell