Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


You will no doubt be well aware of both events which have occurred over the past few months. These have caused a great deal of concern in the local community and attracted a high level of attention in both the local and national media which supported our investigations by highlighting the issues and assisted with our enquiries. The response from the wider community was outstanding.

During March a 58 year old male was charged in relation to the Kinross Fires, whilst a 46 year old male was charged in relation to the murder.

Inspector Ward, the officer in charge of South Perthshire, would like to thank all of those people who came forward with information and for their continued support. He would like to acknowledge the hard work of both enquiry teams for their professionalism and tenacity in helping protect our local community.


The Perth and Kinross Local Policing Area, in conjunction with its partner agencies and organisations will be running Operation Dorado 2012 during the period Monday 23 April 2012 to Sunday 2 September, 2012.

Operation Dorado is a National Anti Violence Campaign to target private and public space violence, particularly weapons related and alcohol fuelled violence whilst supporting and building upon the ongoing work of the Scottish Government, Scottish Police and the National Violence Reduction Unit (VRU).

The Operation concentrates on dealing with increased potential for violent crime and disorder, anti-social behaviour and disruption to the public, and encourages confidence and well-being to the residents and visitors to the local area. Hot spot times between 2200 – 0200 hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights tend to be when most of the problems arise and most crimes which take place are alcohol related.

The objectives of this operation are:


Over recent weeks there has been an increase in the number of bogus caller incidents in the Perth and Kinross area. The advice to residents is be alert to this type of crime and take simple precautions and safety measures to avoid becoming a victim of crime. Neighbours of elderly and more vulnerable householders are also asked to keep an eye out for any suspicious callers.

Bogus caller crime has a very serious impact on the community, particularly the elderly and most vulnerable. As well as the impact of the crime itself, victims of bogus caller crime can be left feeling frightened, isolated and even, quite wrongly, foolish. Sometimes incidents go unreported.

Tayside Police would ask all residents to be suspicious of anyone arriving unannounced at their door, or even unfamiliar faces appearing in their neighbourhood. Householders should ensure that doors are secure, even when at home and use a door chain. They should not let anyone in until they are certain of who they are, or who they claim to represent.

With regard to anyone claiming to represent a busi- ness, authority or agency, householders should demand to see their identification. Bona fide tradespeople, or company representatives will not be offended and will be happy to provide genuine identification.

Even then if suspicions remain, residents should close the door and check with the company the caller claims to represent. Don’t take the number from the person on the doorstep, but instead check the phone directory or Yellow Pages.

Beyond that, if a householder remains suspicious they should not let the person in and should contact the police. Tayside Police would also ask neighbours to look out for one another – particularly if they have elderly or vulnerable neighbours - and report any suspicious activity to the police.

Anyone with information that could assist police enquiries should call 0300 111 2222, or speak to any officer.


Local Community Officer Euan Mitchell can be contacted at Bridge of Earn Police Office, by telephone on 0300 111 2222, by email on euan.mitchell@tayside.pnn.police.uk or by Twitter on @BridgeOfEarnPC.

Alternatively you can anonymously contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to provide information relating to criminal activity of any sort.