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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022

MARCH 2013

Since our last update, our monthly talks continued in November. An enjoyable and informative evening was spent with our guest speaker Gerben de Vries, on Apple Propagation and its History. This also presented us with the opportunity to attend Gerben’s Grafting Workshop, which has now been confirmed for the 3rd March 2013.

In December we had the privilege of a talk from Caroline Beaton, co-author of ‘Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland’. Caroline gave us an interesting insight into the research for the book by sharing her ‘Veg on the Edge’ experience during her research tour of the gardens in northern Scotland & the Isles.

We started off 2013 with an interesting talk from Alisdair Hood, curator of the Dundee Botanical Gardens, on the Australia and New Zealand garden projects which was of great interest to us all.

Now into February we look forward to the 13th February when we will have the Head Gardener from our local Branklyn Gardens, Steve McNamara, who will talk to us about the many aspects of these gardens that have been developed over the years.

In March prior to a talk about how to really look after your lawn from award winning top Groundsman Geoff Brereton, we will hold a brief AGM. We are therefore looking for nominations for all our committee positions. So if you would be interested in getting involved so that we can keep the society interesting for all, please get in touch with either Ian at 850186 or Susan on 851136 and/or drop us a line at abernethyhorticulture@gmail.com.

We also look forward to the remaining events for the year with Abernethy’s own Les Bissett (ex Curator of the Dundee Botanical Gardens) coming along for our last talk in April. Our annual road trip then follows in May, the location of which we hope to finalise in the coming weeks.

Whilst the road trip will end this years’ programme, we will continue to tend Nurse Peatties garden over the summer months. The AHS managed a last burst at tidying it up before the winter arrived with a vengeance. We also topped up the lower path with gravel which was kindly gifted by Alistair Robinson from his driveway which he was relaying. These improvements should make a wonderful difference come the spring.

All our events will be published on the village notice boards, shop, tearoom and the Perth Advertiser. Details of these monthly events will also be given on our Facebook page and in an e-mail to all our members. Non-members will be very welcome to come along and join us for a chat and a cuppa afterwards. You can also join our mailing list and receive email updates. For more information, contact Ian on 850186 or Susan on 851136 and/or abernethyhorticulture@gmail.com.