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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022


(an introduction)

We love Abernethy, it really is the most fantastic place to live, work and watch our children thrive. Our village is a perfect base for adventures, surrounded by endless opportunities to get out and play, whatever age you are.

By the time you read this, winter has likely gone and the daylight has stretched, opening up some more opportunities to do “stuff” outside, be it in your garden, in our local area or further afield.

I’ve lived in Abernethy for nearly a decade. I’ve had what could be described as an “adventurous” life and career so far, travelling all over the world having some pretty wild times in some truly amazing places. I’m a lucky guy and I know it. I’m a bit more settled and no less happy now, life is good.

I’m out and about a lot in the local area. I like a chat and I’ve noticed that people often say that they wish they could get out and do more “stuff” I sometimes suggest a wee trip or outing, which is often well received. I don’t claim to be a fountain of knowledge but we do seem to have a lot of fun as a family, so I thought it may be helpful to pass on some of our mini adventures in the Crier.

I can’t go any further without mentioning cycling in its many forms. We really are in heaven here. The tracks, trails, tar, events, parks, clubs and climbs are simply amazing, there really is something for everyone.

I may write a regular wee article, if you’ll let me, if it’s helpful. Please do feedback kindly! I’d like to let people see what’s possible, often very close to home.

Cycling will feature a lot, for me it can’t not. If you watch Lee Craigie’s short (5 mins) film “Escape” she mentions “a world that some didn’t even know to dream of” and “I knew something they didn’t”. She’s talking about cycling, riding a bike, going places, doing stuff, being connected to our beautiful world and all that is around us. If you can remember, as a child, donning your first pair of swimming goggles and getting into the sea, discovering a whole other place full of light, sensations, plants and animals you’d not encountered before with the full emotional journey erupting inside you, so excited you could burst! Once away from the main roads, the world that can be accessed on a bike can be very similar.

So, you want to ride a bike, but don’t have the kit or skills, there’s an advert elsewhere in this Crier to help with that. If you have the kit but need some skills confidence or company, the same advert may help. If you’re not feeling fit why not try an electric bike? If you’re ready to go, perhaps you just need a wee bit of inspiration, I’ll have a crack at helping you with that.



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