Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


All these mini adventures are ones we’ve done, with our kids (4 and 6) all very do-able from Abernethy in a day trip. Google will help you find them.

Head to the Bunnet Stane, by car or bike, park up then a short fairly flat walk of around 1km to the actual stane. Keep a very close eye on your kids/dogs when up high, or just admire from the ground. I’ve seen similar sights in Namibia, Utah or at the coast. This is very much inland Fife!

Head to Norman’s Law, by car or bike, park up then a short but definitely uphill walk of around 1.5km. The highest point in Fife. Close to Fife Costal Path. Fantastic views all round. Fort evidence due to Norman actually being a dragon!

Head to Pitmedden Forest, on foot (fair hike for a 4 yr old) or by car or bike. We turn left off the Glentarkie road and drive all the way up into the heart of the forest, slowly, in our normal family car. Park up sensibly, likely near the big stones by the silver gate. Within a 100m walk your kids are in den building, wolf hunting, mud pie-ing heaven. Rumour has it the Grufallo has a holiday house there. If you really want to blow young minds go there as late and dark as is possible, lie down and be quiet. The stars, owls, bats and deer will do the rest.

Head to Moncreiffe Hill, out the back of Bridge of Earn or Rhynd. Car parks on both sides.

Find the upturned tree, right next to the path, which has survived and thrived and has the most amazing root structure exposed to the air. Not easy to find, but worth the hunt. Our kids would play there all day. Sculpture trails. Information boards. Possibly a bit more research required before you go, you’ll be further from the car on this one. More forts up high!

Obviously we always tell someone where we’re going and our time of return, we plan ahead for the weather, daylight and conditions underfoot. We take fully charged mobile phones, some money, snacks, extra clothes and around 47 tonnes of lego!!!! We often plan to be out all day so take a picnic or a stove to make a really basic hot meal such as baked beans on oatcakes or pasta and sauce, eaten out of the pot to reduce washing up! A new approach to eating out, one we like!