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1st December 2022


March 2011 Letters from readers

I am writing about the parking situation in Hall Park, in the few years I have lived here I have watched it go from bad to worse. Unfortunately there now appear to be only four spaces at the top of Hall Park for about twelve cars. We have a turning point and beyond this is a large grass area. The Council came and removed all the bushes that used to surround the area.

Why can’t this be turned into parking?

A few weeks ago a parked car was damaged due to an inconsiderate van driver trying to turn, he did not have the decency to stop. Many residents have put driveways into their own property to get their vehicles off the street, unfortunately the residents beyond the turning point do not have this choice. Some people park on the pavements and at the corners, it is really becoming a joke.

One of my concerns is if Hall Park needs the Fire Brigade the engine would not get through due to inconsiderate parking.

I know that there are people against this idea but they are the ones who do not have cars.

This really is a problem which has to be looked at.

Name and Address withheld

Abernethy has a growing population with the cars to match with most households having two or more vehicles. Parking has been an issue for many years in the village with the Square and the Main Street bearing the brunt of the problem.

Over the last few weeks it has become worse because of the wintry conditions with fewer spaces due to the heaps of snow lying about, with the added problem of  cars from other parts of the village also being left in the street.

Due to inconsiderate parking by some car owners, the oil tankers, bin lorries and delivery vans were having problems negotiating the Main Street with some cars being blocked in by other vehicles and their owners missing for hours. Thanks goodness  an emergency vehicle wasn’t needing through.

If only the drivers would take a minute to think before they park:

1. Are you on a corner and may be obstructing larger vehicles?

2. Are you parked over someone’s doorstep?

3. Are you blocking the School Wynd?

4. Are you blocking access around the War Memorial?

5. Are you covering pavements, meaning pedestrians are having to walk on the road?

Unknown to some people there is a car park situated at the rear of The Inn and maybe visitors should be encouraged to park there.


                             Name and Address supplied